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    Just wondering if anyone has experiences with healing something that seemed insurmountable/incurable through other earthly means and any tips on summoning help and RECEIVING it?

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    It’s when I first learned the power of gratitude. Every day.. I would thank my body for working to heal itself, thank God for healing me, and feel gratitude that I am in process moving toward full recovery.

    2nd tip is to ask your body (or ask guides, etc) what it needs. (Types of food, medicine, herbs, physical therapies, etc). The answer come to you in the way *you* specially receive it. I get images in my mind of me doing something, or I’ll have a dream about it, or I’ll hear a word, or be inspired to Google search something that leads me to the answer!

    Know that your journey is tailored for you & what you need! Even if it’s a mystery and even when it hurts so terribly. Relief is available. What you need to know will be revealed, just ask & seek it. I am amazed at how the illness I dealt with motivated me to improve overall health, learn new things, and connect with my body and with spirit.

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    One more thing.. surviving the physical pain I went through showed me how very very strong I am. Now I am less afraid. I know with certainty that I can get through anything that comes my way!”

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