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    Hi all,

    This is Matt who was posting on a lot of Laura’s videos when they were on Vimeo.

    Since there is a forum here on the website for each different show, I thought it would be cool if anyone interested wanted to share their Sun/Moon/Ascendants in this thread for fun and to see what kind of mix of people we have following the shows.

    I am a:

    • Gemini Sun 4th house
    • Gemini Moon (right on the border of Cancer) 5th house
    • Aquarius Ascendant


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    I will join you on this lonely thread, lol. I also have a show idea that I’d like to share and that’s how the natal chart shows intuitive/psychic abilities or maybe tendencies is a more accurate word. I have seen a few articles on the internet about this but when it comes to it I trust Laura to steer us the right way. So, Laura Boone, is it possible to see this in a chart?

    Matt, I am:

    Scorpio Sun 2nd House

    Sagittarius Moon 9 degrees in the 3rd house on the boarder of Capricorn but I also have Venus and Neptune in the 3rd house. I think that those energies kind of combine and trump how close I am to Capricorn. Well, that’s my thought anyway.

    Libra Ascendant

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    Hi Megan_Wolfe,

    Thanks for joining me in this thread. 🙂 I think most people don’t realize there’s a forum because it’s underneath the Support tab at the top of the page. Or maybe no one uses forums anymore. Hopefully more people will join the conversation.


    I think that’s a great show idea! Hopefully Laura will see your post and comment on it. I’ve thought about what kinds of key aspects or planetary/sign/house positions might be favourable to someone being able to develop not only psychic abilities, but perhaps certain types of abilities stronger than others. Maybe some charts are more likely to develop clair-audience vs clair-sentience or some might develop early in life while others may end up developing later. It would also be interesting to see how each sign would change the way the abilities would manifest.


    That’s an intense combination of Sun/Moon/Ascendant that you have there. I would imagine you might feel a lot of push/pull in your life with having Libra trying to balance the contrasting nature of intense Scorpio in your outer sphere and happy-go-lucky Sagittarius in your inner sphere, especially since it’s in the 3rd house that rules over communication.

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    Hey Matt,

    I think I’m going to post my question in the comments section attached to the shows. You know a lot more about astrology than I do. Hmm, I think geminis will have a lot going on at one time? Do you have a lot of unfished projects? My mom is a gemini and she’ll start one project and get bored/distracted and start another. For example, cleaning out closets often turns in to cleaning out the dressers (before the closets are done and it’s a mess) or I don’t know…she has like 20 knitting projects going on right now. She has had three careers and is still working at 61. Have a great weekend, Matt!


    -Megan Wolfe

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    Hi Megan Wolfe,

    That’s a good idea. I think Laura and some of the other hosts check the video comments on a somewhat regular basis, so you should probably have more luck posting there.

    Thanks for the compliment. I love astrology and have been learning about it and practicing it for about 12 or 13 years. I did it for work briefly but I felt so drained after creating a chart for someone to the level of depth I’d want to that I realized I could never make it a career, just a hobby. I’ve still got so much to learn though. I love watching Laura’s shows and although the introductions are really cool, I’m very excited for when she starts getting into more advanced interactions between signs/houses/planets/aspects. How about you?

    Geminis can certainly be doing a lot of things at once and bounce between things a lot. I have a ton of air in my chart, so I’m always in my mind, which is always going 1000 kph. For me personally, I have a fair bit of Earth in my chart as well (Capricorn in particular), so I get very torn between getting bored easily with things (which I greatly dislike) and wanting to keep plugging away at things and working on stuff (which I enjoy but don’t want to do too much). So it’s kind of a good balance. I’d rather be able to have more depth than Gemini likes, but it’s great to be able to move on from things without feeling like I always have to finish everything I start.

    I prefer to have around 3-4 things on my plate at any one time that I can cycle through, both on a macro and micro level in my life. Any less and I get bored with things too quickly; any more and I get overwhelmed. As an Enneagram 5w4, I’m super in my head but get neurotic and panicky when I’m stressed.

    Do you know what Enneagram number and wing you are?

    That’s awesome that your mom is still working and doing lots of stuff at 61. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a lot of Earth signs or Fire signs in her chart. My mom is a Capricorn Sun (she’s adopted so I don’t know the rest of her chart), and at 57 even though she has some health conditions that forced her to retire early, she still lives for work and finds her most happiness when she’s doing things, especially if those things help others in some way (she was a nurse).

    I hope you have a great weekend as well! 🙂

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    astrology is so fun! Do you have a favorite planet or sign? I can get obsessed over Saturn, as it is a lifetime struggle area with deep rewards.

    Here is me:

    • Sun – Pisces, 2nd house
    • Moon – Pisces, 2nd house
    • Ascendant – Capricorn
    • Mercury – Aries, 3rd house


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    Hi Samerina,


    Astrology really is a lot of fun, and there’s so much depth within it to explore. That’s a very interesting Sun/Moon/Ascendant combination you have. Pisces being a double sign and having your Sun and Moon there and both in the second house. Do you feel any push/pull towards finances and material gains, especially in how you work towards them, especially with a Capricorn ascendant?

    I can totally see the appeal of looking at Saturn because it’s kind of like having a syllabus ahead of time to know what types of tests might be coming up, and when. My first Saturn Return was certainly one of the biggest struggles in my life. I’ve always been drawn to Aquarius as a sign, and since it’s my Ascendant, I’m not surprised. I really like a lot of what that sign stands for, especially the altruism. As for planets, I really like Uranus and Neptune because it’s nice to see where some of the more disruptive influences come from, as well as the more spiritual and other worldly.

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    Uranus rebel and Neptune mysteries! What houses are yours in?
    I think my capricorn ascendant is the only thing holding it all together, barely! At least on the outside it appears that way. Inside I fall apart and put it back together every day.

    With planets in the 2nd house, it means that what I do for income needs to be personally meaningful for me.

    Saturn is in my 11th house which is the house of social groups, the aquarius forte! I only like deep meaningful friendships, yet I never fit into groups.

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    Is what you are currently doing for work something that is meaningful for you? If not, hopefully you can get to a place where it is, with that placement. It can be tough having a double sign for both sun and moon, as I’m in the same boat, although in a different sign and house. Capricorn is really good at keeping things together though, as you say. It’s very blue collar, go out and get stuff done, achieve, always keep on working. That might help tone down a bit of the intensity of the Pisces energy.

    With Saturn in the 11th house, it seems like that could be super challenging if you’re more of an extroverted person but can’t seem to connect in with people the way you want to, if I understood what you were saying. What sign is your Saturn in? My Saturn is in the 8th house right at the border of the 9th house in Scorpio and it’s definitely an intense placement for me regarding some of the biggest challenges of my life. There are a ton of aspects around my Saturn as well.

    My Uranus is in the 10th house, Sagittarius and my Neptune is in the 11th house, Capricorn. My Jupiter is also in the 11th house Capricorn, which is ironic considering how introverted I am and only wanting a small group of really close friends. Where signs/houses are your Uranus and Neptune located in?

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    Ha! I just read that your Neptune placement attracts friends who have Neptune qualities. Which I am as a pisces!  Hmm…  btw I enjoy Gemini for their entertaining conversation skills.

    My Uranus (sagittarius) & Neptune (capricorn) are in 12th house

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    Wow, that must be pretty powerful to have Neptune in the 12th house, amplifying its natural energy as well as the Piscean energy. Do you have particularly strong empathic/psychic/spiritual abilities? I’m glad someone enjoys Gemini, lol. I’d like to think I’m not as wishy washy as how many people seem to interpret the sign, but there’s definitely a push-pull aspect, which manifests in the mental areas particularly.

    With Uranus also in the 12th house, that makes sense to me and connects into some of the other areas you mentioned with not finding the right people to connect with since that kind of Uranus energy seems to make people stand out as different to most people. I’ve noticed that my Aquarius Ascending placement tends to draw me towards those exact type of people. So that’s interesting.

    Does your chart have any particularly interesting aspects you pay attention to? One of mine is my Sun 4th house Gemini opposing my Uranus 10th house Sagittarius. I end up always needing to do things my own way, which makes it difficult when trying to continue down the spiritual path when there are so many awesome teachers, books, experiences etc but I still have to forge my own path because there isn’t a tried a tested way that works exactly the way I need it to.

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    No way is Gemini wishy washy. If anything pisces is all about wishing and washing haha..

    I’m with you on doing things your own way. I think we each have our own unique path and most of the time I don’t want to read a book about it (though I like hearing people talk about things on the lighter side network). I’d rather experience it or receive the answer!

    Yes I receive information all sorts of ways. Dreams are a fun way. I love symbolism. Nature, life experiences, people, random things crossing my path. For me it all starts with a question. Everything is available.. what do I want to know?

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    I think we both probably have our moments of feeling like we’re going in multiple directions at once, just maybe on different planes, lol.

    I agree with you about going through the experience or receiving some sort of answer. I love the Lighter Side Network. It’s so great to have a network that is all about supporting people on their path and providing lots of different discussions for people from all walks of life, to help them wherever they are on their own path to continue moving forward.

    I also have intense, vivid dreams most nights and am often in the spirit world doing work there on many levels. Interpreting the symbols and phrases my guides and soul friends tell me can be fun, but also challenging, which isn’t a bad thing. There really are so many ways for these experiences to come in, it’s wonderful.

    That’s a great way to look at things, using the question as the starting point and then aiming towards what feels like you want to experience next. I feel like everything that we can think of can and does happen on some level/reality, and that we can steer ourselves towards the reality we want, within reason, as well as learn from these other potentials to help ourselves in the place we’re in now.

    This is veering off a bit from astrology, but do you also follow the Enneagram as well? I find that can be a really powerful tool to help understand our character as well. I feel like I’m a 9w1 under that system.

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    Wow that’s fascinating about the dream work. I want to hear more about that.

    I watched some of the Enneagram videos and I relate to 2, and I’m integrating into a 4 slowly. But I haven’t taken the official test so I should probably do that

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    Sure, I can share some more about my dreams. It ebbs and flows, but usually my dreams will come in waves with topics for a few weeks and then kind of chill out for a while and not be as intense. I just started into a wave of pretty intense dreams the last few days again. I often find myself in what I called a “Pseudo world” when I was a kid, but I think it’s some level of astral plane. There’s towns, people, and all sorts of things happening, but it’s differently laid out than here on Earth and some other super natural stuff can happen.

    I oftentimes lately find myself out at certain houses I visit and feel very connected to. I feel like they as astral versions of homes I’ve had in past/future lives. Quite a few people come in and some of them I feel very close and connected to and we talk with each other, kind of connect and share stories. Many times I’ll often have people who look like people I know in this life come in and I’m speaking with them and giving them advice, which seems to be the way I heal on that plane as well. I tend to be the one others come to for help and by speaking with me, I’m able to pull out a lot of their denser energy and help them to be able to overcome things. I’m still working on not keeping it inside myself, but I have some great friends who help a lot with this, and Jamie’s sessions/classes have helped a lot too.

    I also have my guides come in often, and I feel them as the different souls they are, even if they take on different personas to help me with what I’m going through at the time. I see my soul group members who are not in body and I also see some that are, one in particular I’m most connected with but haven’t found in body yet, but we connect often in dreams.

    I’ll often be traveling around as well to different places. I sometimes get premonitions, but that tends to be something my friend is much better at. I often will get words or important statements. The night before last, someone called me “the soul tracer” right before I woke up. So I’ve been trying to decipher that.

    So that’s a bit about me. I would be interested in hearing about your own experiences in dreams, and if you end up taking the enneagram test, what your number and wing are and how connected you feel to it. 🙂

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    I wish I could meet you in a dream! I feel a connection in my solar plexus when I think of it. I used to visit a friend in dreams since she’s moved away. Her & I are like soul sisters, so our connection is easy to find. She’s always right next to me. That’s why I think when we meet those we know are special to us,  in spirit we’re very close, so meeting in human reality is like “yay!”

    Hmm soul tracer.. perhaps finding lost soul fragments & replacing them into the body!??

    In dreams I’ve had concepts taught to me and phrases spoken that get me on track with my life purpose. One of my favorites was, “it’s not a quick fix, it’s about becoming untangled”. Sums up my life’s work.

    Let’s start a new thread for enneagram discussion.

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    Maybe we’ve already met in dreams, and that’s why we’ve now met on this forum, in a way? I’ll try to focus on that during a meditation or dream and see hat comes up. I can definitely can relate to that feeling in the solar plexus and for me it’s also in the heart chakra. Those are the two areas that I feel like a warmth and a strong kind of pulsing sensation when I am sensing a connection with someone or something.

    That’s really cool that you were able to connect with your friend in dreams. Actually, that’s really interesting too because I also have a friend who is like my soul sister, as I’ve learned that she and I were born out of the same kind of source energy, so we’re kind of like twins, but not. It’s this semi complicated thing. But it’s funny because we end up connecting a lot in dreams and even having similar thoughts about things and finding out later the other was thinking about that. I call it “Twintuition.” lol. Sounds like that might be a similar type of connection between you and your friend. 🙂

    I’ve definitely been putting out the last while about trying to find and connect with “my people” for lack of a better way to describe it – which to me is a small-ish group of soul friends that I’ll be working together with (some in person, some just online/via distance) on different spiritual and other things with. So maybe we work together on some spiritual project?

    I like that statement you shared from your dreams! Those can be super powerful and profound. One of my biggest issues I’m working on, the way I phrase my work on it is about disentanglement of elements that became tangled earlier in life, and now it’s like having a bunch of ropes and knots of multiple strings and trying to get them all disentangled so that some can fall away and others can grow unhindered. Do you know what your life purpose is for this lifetime?

    That’s a good idea about starting a separate topic. I will check out the topic you started on Enneagrams and reply later, after work. It’s too bad there isn’t a private message function in here that I can see.

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    My soul sis and I both are Pisces moon, and have what we call “parallel” experiences. Either she has something happen first or I do.. and it’s similar enough so that when we tell each other it has helped us navigate our own thing better.

    I like reading everything you say. My name is Samantha Davis… you can find me commenting on Jamie’s Facebook posts – she’s my favorite next to Darshana! 🙂

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    Hi Samantha! My name is Matt Archer. I don’t comment very much on Facebook, but I often follow a lot of the things Jamie posts on Facebook, on her LearnitLive page, and of course the videos and podcasts here. I’ll try to find you on Facebook, if that’s okay?

    That’s awesome about you and your soul sis having experiences that end up helping the other. I’ve gone through that many times when helping my friends. Things I’ve been working through to help myself and on my own path end up being the very things that friends come to me and require help with later on. I use the analogy, it’s like being on a ladder and you reach your hand up to people who have already had those experiences to get help moving through them, and then can also reach your hand down to help other people who may in the middle of those experiences to help them up since you’ve been there. To be able to have a connection like that with your friend, so that you can constantly assist each other as you go through different experiences, that’s powerful indeed.

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    Yes, please do. I read about Jupiter in 11th and how help from friends abound all your life, and it is a good house for Jupiter in taking the lead for the kind of social group that would have unity.

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