Dr. Julia Spinolo

Dr. Julia Spinolo

Where Health is Not just about Medicine

Dr. Julia Spinolo is a native of Atlanta, GA. She’s completed her bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in nursing. She’s been a health care provider for over 20 years working in oncology, psychology, family medicine, higher education, and energy medicine as a Reiki Master.

As a child, Julia has been fascinated with the metaphysical world. She had her first psychic reading at the age of 12, had her aura cleansed during a sunrise mountain top shamanic ritual at the age of 15, and participated in Qigong classes in her teens. Luckily, she had an open-minded mother who exposed her to such fabulous things. Through her spiritual growth, she has learned Tarot and pendulum work and has developed a keen intuition.

As a health care provider, energy healer, and former cancer patient, Julia has a well-rounded and unique perspective on health care and wellness. She believes that combining energy healing, such as Reiki, with a blend of Eastern and Western medicine optimizes individuals’ overall health.

She has her own Reiki/Energy Healing practice, Centered Self in the south metro area of Atlanta. She lives with her marvelous husband, three kitties and two pups. She volunteers weekly at a local cat rescue, Winging Cat Rescue, where she cares for kitties and provides Reiki. She also loves to sew and knit and volunteers with Little Dresses for Africa where she makes dresses for vulnerable girls throughout the Continent of Africa and beyond.

She is beyond thrilled to be part of The Lighter Side Network team. By providing facts, thought provoking ideas, and sprinkle of imagination, Julia’s intent for Medical Girl Mystical World is to inspire and educate others to fully thrive and to live their best life in this lifetime.

Host, Dr. Julia Spinolo, Doctor of Nursing Practice has been a health care provider for over 20 years working in oncology, psychology, family practice, and energy medicine as a Reiki Master.
Join her and the leading health and healing practitioners as they show “where health is not just about medicine.”

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