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The Lighter Side Network

Hosting new shows every week on Vimeo to support wholeness living.

Jamie Butler founded The Lighter Side Network to create the space where the everyday and extraordinary meet. The Network’s weekly shows support wholeness living with thought provoking episodes, guest interviews and channelings with entities. Our line up allows common topics to mingle with the unusual.

Latest Episodes

To view all video casts, visit the Vimeo On Demand page.

The Dr. Karin Show—Spiritual Capital with Joey Reiman

Author, Businessman, and Spiritual Thinker Joey Reiman sits down with Dr. Karin to discuss his secrets to success in business and life, and how his own spiritual awakening granted him greater mindfulness and compassion.

The Real Ethereal—Trump’s Chart, Part 1: The Personality

Laura delves into The Donald’s famous personality. What does his astrological chart say his childhood was like? What are his strengths? What are his weaknesses? What are his true priorities?

The Way of the Spiritual Path—Sufi Drumming with Adnan Sarhan

Join Ursula for an episode of meditative drumming and reflection on healthy living with Sufi master Adnan Sarhan. Adnan treats us to his therapeutic drumming technique and shares with us his advice on living a fuller life.

Show Hosts

Jamie Butler

Jamie Butler

The Lighter Side Show

It’s not Woo Woo, It’s True True

Join Jamie Butler on The Lighter Side Show and learn about intuition, energy, wholeness and spirituality. Jamie channels spirit, presents inspirational how-to's, and picks the minds of the great innovators in the fields of mind, body, emotion, and soul. Get ready to take a front row seat and become your own Everyday Medium!

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Darshana Patel

Darshana Patel

enLight’n Up

Let’s Raise the Vibe

In search of scientific and spiritual insights, Darshana Patel, Medium and Channeled Healer, interviews intriguing guests, channels ancient spirits, and even performs stand-up comedy to enliven and enlighten us on living an empowered and authentic life.

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Laura Boone

Laura Boone

The Real Ethereal with Laura Boone

Where Spirituality Meets Reality

Let’s Get Real about All Things Spiritual! With the help of her guests, her guides and her thirst for knowledge, Laura Boone explores the adventures and surprises that await in the spiritual life. Topics include useful knowledge, insights and tools to enhance an individuals’ quest for their best life.

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Ursula Lentine

Ursula Lentine

The Way of the Spiritual Path

The WAY in Everyday

Ursula offers unique, powerful and transformational services in the areas of Pranic healing, Internal Family Systems, and Treatment/Prayer that enhance life experiences.

Dr. Karin Luise

Dr. Karin Luise

The Dr. Karin Show

Where the mind, body & heart meet the soul

Join Dr. Karin Luise for life-inspiring conversations with leading edge visionaries, spiritual teachers and awakened thought leaders. Take the journey of inspiration with her as she explores transformational topics, such as conscious living, the soul’s path, holistic well-being, and expanding your life with freedom and joy.
Prepare to be elevated, ignited and entertained by Dr. Karin, the integrative therapist who feels like your best friend. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll discover . . . and we’ll be exactly what you needed today!

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