Free Minds with Trey Jackson

Trey Jackson is an intuitive coach, reiki master, and psychic. He is the author of Evergreen: We are not the masks we wear, we are the light that shines through, a book about discovering who you really are and how to live as that authentic expression of your consciousness. His next book, The Alchemist Compass: Guidebook & 55 Card Deck will be available in early 2020. He is also the founder of Free-Minds Podcast & Blog. His mission is to empower others and promote growth in themselves through their own journeys of self-discovery.
Current website: to book appointments and learn more
Instagram: @Trey.TheAlchemistCompass
Book: Evergreen is available at Phoenix and Dragon in ATL or on Amazon
Podcast: Free-Minds is on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube

3 comments to Free Minds with Trey Jackson

  1. Colleen Zeigler at 10:13 am

    Thank you for listening, Jose! I’m so glad you loved this conversation. Looking forward to Season 2 of the Heal Yeah podcast 🙂

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