Okay Cupid! with Scott Hall and Janet Raftis

Jamie is back for the second season of The Lighter Side Show Podcast! Jamie invites Intuitives Scott Hall and Janet Raftis into the studio to talk about the benefits, and sometimes the obstacles, their gifts bring to their relationship and family. 

For more on Janet and Scott and find out about upcoming events, check them out online!

Scott: www.scotthallpsychic.com, Facebook: www.facebook.com/ScottHallPsychic.

Janet: www.janetraftis.com, Facebook: www.facebook.com/janetmraftis


2 comments to Okay Cupid! with Scott Hall and Janet Raftis

  1. Cecilia at 10:54 pm

    I love Janet and Scott!! Their voices, their vibration, their presence, their story and everything about them feels so right!! And I love to see them together doing what they do while growing and expanding since they met!! Thanks for sharing and exited about to hear more about your new business adventures together ❤️??⚡️???

  2. gretamtb at 11:25 am

    What a fantastic couple. Congratulations on finding each other , what gift to share synced life. ?

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