Stubborn Spiritual Kids with Colleen Zeigler

Jamie and Colleen talk about the unique obstacles parents face raising empathic and indigo children. Jamie and Colleen share some of the philosophies and tricks they implement with their own spiritual kids. 


5 comments to Stubborn Spiritual Kids with Colleen Zeigler

  1. blowuptulip at 6:50 am

    Ladies!!! I love this! Thank you.
    I was talking along with you all the way! I have two such children, big time!
    I also totally identified with Colleen’s table story; I was that child myself; We had a large vicus plant which had always been there but it had to be destroyed because it was sick. I was crying my eyes out and felt stupid for crying over a plant (I must have been somewhere between 5 and 10) I was aware it was ‘weird’ to most people (now I know better…)

    Love you both

    • Colleen at 9:05 am

      Thank you Jose! I am so grateful we are all going through this parenting journey together. It is a a support system I value very much.

  2. nissawissa at 2:57 pm

    Jamie can you share more about the meditation format that Maitland taught you?

  3. Amora at 9:11 pm

    Yes, my teacher used to say, and I think they’re Dr. Seuss quotes ” what other people think of you is none of your business” and “those that matter, don’t mind and those that mind, don’t matter” lol

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