The Lighter Side Show Flashback: Maitland on Intuitives, Mediumship, & Mental Illness

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Jamie channels Maitland to discuss our viewer-suggested topic, the relationship between intuitives, HSPs, and mental illness. Maitland reveals how many who suffer from mental illness actually are struggling with heightened intuitive sensitivity, and how we as family members, partners, friends, and society at large can help them reach a healthier vibratory level.


2 comments to The Lighter Side Show Flashback: Maitland on Intuitives, Mediumship, & Mental Illness

  1. Maggie Hunter-Brown at 10:56 pm

    Hi Jamie & Maitland,
    You’re in my heart, even if I don’t get to pop in and visit with you regularly!:) It was great to hear Maitland’s rhythm… and on a topic that the accredited medical culture view so myopicaly. Is there a way to normalize human metaphysics in a way that doesn’t antagonize the medical culture, or is it something that will have its own tipping point, to change how we view “mental illness” by our North American culture?

  2. Sabrina Reyenga at 1:23 pm

    Hello my brothers. Thank you Maitland, Jaime and Jesse for having this discussion. My family was strict Roman Catholic. As a child I could see, hear and feel what was not there for others. My family and the church labeled me as being demon possessed and evil so would exorcise me and beat the demons out of me. This started at age two. As an adult I have come to understand that what I went through growing up were forms of psychological indoctrination based on what religion and society would dictate shall be normal acceptable behavior or abilities. It has taken me many years to accept myself fully as I AM and was meant to be. My denial of myself based on what I was being taught manifested multiple cancers and other diseases within my physical form. When I accepted the Truth of what I had chosen to do, which was accept and believe in those judgmental labels handed me, I could let them all go for the Truth of who I really am. When I did this I healed on all levels of my being without medications or surgeries. I now share my journey with the lessons learned through them as an example of what is possible when one turns within for their guidance instead of without, out there in the world and in their brothers for who they are to be. Blessings on your journeys. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you all!

    P.S. Would you consider doing a show about psychological indoctrination in its myriad forms and how it is implemented? How one is thinking will be directly connected to their experiences and how they are perceived as being so defining all they shall entail. I experienced mental, emotional and physical forms of controlled manipulations as a child to gain my compliance to conform to whatever was being dictated to me to get the \”pain and suffering\” to stop if only for a short time. These experiences directly effected how I perceived my abilities so had me trying to shut them all down for survival. As I got older they came back slowly at first then in a flood. When that happened I thought I was going insane. My impression is that I am not alone in this experience. Many have had similar experiences and are now faced with that flood of abilities hitting them now. What do you think of such a dialogue? Let me know please. Hugs and love.

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