When you are dead, what is the easiest spirit sign to do?

D wants a marching band to great her when she crosses over and J is just hoping for some white light and a nap. J keeps asking the same question while eating too many nuts and chocolate (next time don’t record with food around!) J is amazed that insects are doing the majority of spirit signs but D thinks birds are the way to go. 


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  1. HARRISON BARR at 11:05 pm

    I love this podcast, J and D! #mediumshigh This was my first time listening. I was recently turned on to it by Darshana. She was a guest speaker with the Shiny Soul Zoom chat we do on Thursdays. Excellent! So funny. I can relate…
    As for the spirit sign? I’m with J. I think bugs would be easier. For me, I get shout-outs from spirit via butterflies all the time! Like flutter-byes, “What’s up?!” And they are gone. Some might think, it’s just a butterfly, but I know better. And I was at the Akashic Ranch recently and got a stare-down from a dragonfly that I know was Erik Medhus saying, “Ha, told ya!” (That’s a different story.)
    And my crossing-over reception? My dad came to me in a dream earlier this year, I was with him at the hospital when he crossed over 2 years ago…Dad loved the American post-war Hollywood glamour of the late 40’s soiree, the tuxedos and cocktail dresses, Benny Goodman playing swing music with his band.
    (In his prime he fancied himself as a ladies man.)
    I awoke in my dream talking to a very beautiful woman at a wonderful cocktail party. I heard women down the hall shouting, “John, John, over hear!” I glanced over and saw my dad walk up to them laughing and engaging conversation with the women about 20 ft from me (the party was at a very large private residence). He was in his prime: late 30s, confident, accomplished, handsome…
    I returned to my conversation not thinking anything of it; simply enjoying the moment.
    Perhaps 30 seconds later I hear, “Hi Tige.” (Dad called me Tiger, Tige for short.)
    I turned back to where he had been and there he was before me, handing me a martini, a sly smile upon his face, a knowing glint in his eye…
    That’s the reception I would like, a elegant cocktail party, my favorite music playing, people dressed in their swankiest clothes, the recently deceased the guest of honor. Now, that sounds like a good time.

  2. Megan Wolfe at 12:39 pm

    Great show! I think I’d definitely go with dreams or manipulating the radio to make a special song play. Maybe showing up in pictures? My dad recently celebrated his 64th and while we were gathered singing around him and the candles I could swear that I got a flash of his father, my great grandfather clapping happily along. Oddly enough, it didn’t feel weird. Kind of like he’s just been there the whole time and my mind/body didn’t pick up on any different vibes. Thinking back spirits can bring so much comfort by such a little thing. Makes me wonder who else is hanging about the house ?. Lastly, I will be turning lights on and off until they yell for me to stop. ?

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