Why Should We Listen to Jamie? with Marco Pardi pt. 2

Jamie Butler and scholar Marco Pardi talk about the difference between rational and non-rational thinking, especially when it comes to studies around spirituality.

Find Marco online at mpardi.com


5 comments to Why Should We Listen to Jamie? with Marco Pardi pt. 2

  1. spotless808 at 7:25 pm

    6 minutes into this, I couldn’t help but feel like this guy was using this opportunity to, as I told my son in that moment, “Why do I feel like this guy is using this opportunity to get into Jamie’s pants?!”…then he goes and takes a shot…I called it ????…it was kinda hard to take anything seriously after that ?‍♀️

    • malloryherrman at 1:40 pm

      Wow! I had a totally different experience. What I heard was a great deal of mutual respect, appreciation, authenticity and humor between Marco and Jamie. I really appreciated Marco’s willingness as a scholar to allow for both the rational and non-rational in the way he thinks and discovers. What a joy to listen to their conversation! Thanks and I look forward to another podcast with Marco and Jamie soon!

    • Dana Renée Seiler at 3:42 am

      To “spotless808:”

      I’m not surprised you’re too cowardly to use your *actual* name. What a rude, uncalled for thing to say about Marco. I have personally known him for eight years, and was a student in his college classes several years ago. This attack on his character and intellect is seriously offensive to him, to Jamie, and to anyone who happens to be here.

  2. Marco M. Pardi at 10:32 am

    Thank you, Mallory. I very much appreciate your comments and am very pleased you found the experience worthwhile.

    Regarding the preceding comment, by someone calling themselves “Spotless”, I normally do not respond to offensive gutter speech but I must say that in the over 25 years I’ve known Jamie, including the many times she has been a presenter in my college classes, I have never been accused of such an offensive and childish motive. Jamie is a true friend. Perhaps “Spotless” could try to learn something about friendship.

  3. Deb P at 11:21 pm

    Please, more Marco! Such an enlightening, interesting and comprehensive conversation to listen to. There are so many rabbit holes to go down!

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