Alignment & Authenticity through Unconditioning

Darshana shares with friend and coworker Natsumi her story of recognizing her social and cultural inculcation.


3 comments to Alignment & Authenticity through Unconditioning

  1. allisonchabotphd at 7:23 pm

    Ohhhh Darshana, this was beautiful!! I released tears of resistance from the beginning of your middle school story, as though I was remembering my own. Did we share a lifetime? Lol. I also resonated with the decision-making process you described … as a young adult, I just kept telling myself “make the next right decision, make the next right decision, you’ll be fine.” I needed to hear this interview in the worst way today!!!! Much love and gratitude. -Allison

  2. sandra.bogalho at 8:26 am

    I find it amazing that someone so Big like you D. keeps expanding and, wholeheartedly, opens arms to whoever wishes to go along. Bless those blessed wings of yours! ?

  3. Emily Toledo at 10:24 am

    I loved watching this so much! As we peel away cultural/generational conditioning there is so much joy and excitement (and a little bit of “oh my gosh, what am I even doing??”) I believe the ability to navigate our own waters and create our own path is our birthright and also our gift to our children. Thank you for sharing your story! it was so appreciated!

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