All About Taurus

Learn about Taurus’ strengths, weaknesses, and basic desires—this is an especially informative episode for those viewers who are in a romantic relationship with a Taurus!


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  1. ttottx at 4:15 am

    Flannel sheets on my heated waterbed :p Inside the house… meh and If I don’t wreck it, the cats will so I’m outside mostly.

    Yep, I can cook…

    Even with the broken neck I go as long as I can. The pain lets me know when to stop.

    Throw out that shirt? No way! Rag time! 😛

    Luckily I’m part cajun, I eat anything that don’t eat me first!

    Yeah, my temper can break things but it’s inanimate objects unless someone decides they need their butt kicked… I oblige 😛 I never knew that was part of Taurus. Now my higher self wants me to control that and I’m like “yeah, you get your butt down here and do it! I have fun with it!”

    I’m not controlling, thankfully, other than my own corner 🙂

    I’m highly physical but breaking my neck has padded my hard bod. I’m still so tough my :poop: has muscles. 😛

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