Ascension, Millennials, and Social Media with Ayesha Patel

In the enLight’n Up season finale, Ayesha Patel, Darshana’s daughter, shares a millennial’s view on ascension, social media, and being in the flow.

Learn more about Ayesha on her, blog, Dissolving Duality at and follow her on Instagram at @ayepatel


6 comments to Ascension, Millennials, and Social Media with Ayesha Patel

  1. Amora at 11:45 am

    This was wonderful, so I know that Ayesha loves to write but has she ever considered having her own show?!?!?!!! I see this happening, and believe it would be an invaluable resource especially for folks her age and younger. A lot of lumineers have kids I’m sure!
    There are also at least 2 books within her♡

  2. ttottx at 3:33 am

    Ah, halfway through the vid, same struggles, different decade but new awareness 🙂

    You need your ego to advance in the world and learn lessons along the way. Feed the ego… with your community. I’m getting back into the dart community to feed my ego and wallet 😛

    Raise the vibe. Working with my neighbor girl who comes by to use my wifi since it’s faster than her data. I’m helping her into becoming a teen and being able to look out for herself.

  3. allisonchabotphd at 7:59 am

    Beautiful, just beautiful! Thanks to both of you for sharing this discussion … my daughter started middle school this year, and I appreciate the additional language you used as I listen to her, understand her, and help her understand herself and the world around her! Much Love.

    • allisonchabotphd at 8:15 am

      Question for guru Ayesha 😉
      I discovered that I had to step away from a local activism issue that I dedicated more than a year to… taking on a Big Business that is destroying our land and putting our lives in danger (in the form of an explosive pipeline)… after our family moved to a safer home and school, I vowed to stay involved in the fight. But I discovered that I no longer wanted to stay in a vibration of anger and fear, which permeates this fight, and I chose to move towards LOVE, to heal myself and my family.
      How do we stay involved in activism when the community can often vibrate with anger and fear rather than love? Many Thanks. 🙂

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