Assessing Your Body, Head to Toe

Dr. Julia Spinolo gives the viewer a rundown of caring for our bodies, head to toe. Watch to receive tips for self care.

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7 comments to Assessing Your Body, Head to Toe

  1. Dr. Julia Spinolo at 6:31 pm

    CORRECTION: I mentioned in this episode (filmed in April 2018) to begin getting colonoscopies at the age of 50 (which has been the standard of care guideline for many years). Today (May 30th, 2018) it was announced by the American Cancer Society that those screenings need to start earlier… at the age of 45. Stay proactive in your health, peeps!

  2. ladyastral67 at 3:27 pm

    Great advice, Julia! I had seen this video before and hadn’t commented. Today, I’ll tell you a story though in regards to the colonoscopy I had to have at age 44 and Spirit had a say about it hahahaa!
    I had started to tell Jamie this story in a class but didn’t get to finish it for her to really know the punchline that happened.

    So six or seven years ago, I was doing tons of doctor visits while attempting to do a disability case for the damage to my neck. I had already done several things in regards to hormonal imbalance, chronic pain and so on. ANYHOO…. I had been having rectal bleeding for several years and blew it off as most of us do as just being hemorrhoids due to child birth. It got rather scary more than once and I continued to make excuses to myself about this and my doctor finally ordered a colonoscopy since he said we needed to rule out some things so I consented even though I SO did not want to do the procedure.

    Three days before the procedure was my Mom’s birthday (mid July) and I always bake her a cake. I was very much trying to figure out how to get out of having this procedure. I’m in the kitchen with the oven on preheating as I start to make the cake batter. While I am doing this, in my mind, I am talking to my guides and Spirit as to all the reasons why I should CANCEL the colonoscopy. Half way into making the cake, I hear thunder and the power goes OUT… BOOM! I have two islands with recessed lighting over them. Four lights on ONE switch which are all OFF since it was only around 3PM when I started. My youngest daughter comes in the kitchen to make a quick snack now that the power is out. So I am standing there, mixing the cake, and still arguing in my head as to why I should cancel the appointment. Power is still out in a 4 mile radius.

    I’m standing there making my case to Spirit in my head and just about have myself convinced to cancel. And Spirit steps in…

    The one light directly above my head slowly starts to turn ON and continues until it is over bright more than it does normally. I see it… my daughter is at the other island facing me and looks over. “Mom? Do you see what is happening? That light is ON!” I said, “uh, yeah…”. “Mom, this is really freaking me out! The power is out!” The light stayed on for about a full 2 mins and then slowly turns itself off. During this, my daughter double checked the light switches which were all OFF and double checked with the rest of the family that the power was still out everywhere. I couldn’t help but to start to laugh hysterically. I looked at the light and said out loud, “FINE! I will keep the appointment!”

    I did have the procedure done as scheduled and come to find out, I had a 3CM mushroom shaped tumor growing in my lower intestines. The doctor told me afterwards that it was the second largest he had ever seen in his years of practice and anticipated it to be cancer. This was my second time of a cancer scare as the one prior was for breast cancer which turned out to be fibrous tissue. They sent the mushroom off to the labs and I got the call that the doctor was shocked to find out it was benign.

    I will say.. the worse part of having a colonoscopy is the prep the day before as it was some nasty tasting stuff to drink and you have to drink it ALL to clear out your system. The procedure itself was much easier than I thought. I was knocked out fully for it and the care provided was excellent. I now have my first tattoo even though it is inside my body hahahaa!

    • ladyastral67 at 3:32 pm

      OH and to finish on the power being out… a mile from my home, the storm I heard coming in had knocked a large tree over and pulled the power lines down off the poles. Power was out in a 4 mile radius of my home until 4AM from the moment it went out initially when I went to make the cake. ANd to boot…. my husband is an electrician and did double check the light fixtures. There was no incoming power to ANY of the light fixtures during this time. Gotta love when Spirit gives you a swift kick in the behind to follow through!

      • Dr. Julia Spinolo at 5:53 pm

        I love stuff like this. The validation is awesome!

    • Dr. Julia Spinolo at 5:52 pm

      WOW!!! I love this story and I love even more that everything checked out OK!

      • ladyastral67 at 10:48 am

        Thought you might enjoy that one. I couldn’t have gotten a more blatant cuff in the head from Spirit!

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