Astrology: All about Sagittarius

Clumsy and athletic? Jovial and acerbic? At once dapper, but also good to cut loose with the local barflies? The mutable fire sign of the zodiac is full of contradictions. Laura dishes on this adventurous and independent sign. 



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  1. ladyastral67 at 12:49 pm


    I had several laugh out loud moments watching this segment! My youngest daughter is a Sagittarius (S in 4th house)/Virgo (M)/ Leo (AS). When you mentioned they say things for shock factor, I literally laughed and almost spit my coffee everywhere! Raising her was a challenge as she loves to say things at any moment that shock others and always looking to make you laugh. When she was around the age of 9 or 10, one night at the dinner table (it was our open conversation time as a family), she started asking about the words penis and vagina and why they were so taboo when they are just body parts. We had to agree so from then on, she would bring those words up somehow some way during dinner and usually in a shock way to make us all laugh but also her curiosity and boldness would lead to very interesting conversations that always had us on the edge of uncomfortable. She has been that way since she was born! She is NOT athletic by any means .. her sport is shopping and you are so right about the money although she does well at saving to get what she wants most hahahaa! She is now 21, on her own, pansexual, bold, extremely intelligent, and pushes those around her to get out of their comfort zone and just stirs the pot in where they are most uncomfortable! I adore my daughters and my youngest leaves a stream of laughter and joy to all she meets.

    Thank you for this one and can’t wait to see Pisces episode as my oldest daughter is Pisces Sun with an Aries (M) and Leo (AS)

  2. jackie.vernon at 3:46 pm

    So much fun! My mom is a Sag and so is my three-year-old daughter has sun and moon in Sagittarius and your descriptions are so on the money! I’m a Cancer sun so it’s been quite funny in our house even though my mom (and I bet my daughter) can be blunt to the point of hurting my feelings. My mom loves horses and has broken her wrist twice from riding her horse. My daughter is a momma’s girl (but I already see that huge independent streak) and my mom is always out and about now that she is in her golden years. And boy does she have a temper! The best way I can describe them is cheeky freedom seekers!

    Thanks so much for these. I love learning about all the signs. I look forward to learning about my sweet, intense but witty four-year-old Pisces son sun with Scorpio moon. 🙂

    • Laura Boone at 1:05 pm

      okay…Im going to borrow that because it is PERFECT- “Cheeky Freedom Seekers” YASSS!

  3. shelly1126 at 9:56 am

    This was very insightful. I’m a Sagittarius and just about everything you said fit me to a T. Thanks for doing this video.

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