Astrology: Mercury in Retrograde

Laura discusses effects of astrological retrograde and the most infamous planetary retrograde of them all, Mercury. Laura not only warns us about what to watch out for during these astrological occurrences, but how we can ultimately use them to our advantage.


2 comments to Astrology: Mercury in Retrograde

  1. infinitybalance at 6:46 pm

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for this episode. It has a lot of good tips about what to watch out for during this period. Ironically, the episode was released right after Mercury Retrograde ended, which I’m sure isn’t a coincidence. 😉

    I find it interesting too how different “major” astrological aspects happening simultaneously impact each other, such as this past Mercury Retrograde and the Solar Eclipse. The energy felt very powerful during that period.

    I’m looking forward to watching all of your episodes for Season 2. 😀

    • Laura Boone at 7:24 pm

      Hi there infinitybalance!
      Yes we had to release the episode on the last day of Mercury retrograde because that’s when Season 2 started for me- you are right about this last month of coinciding transits and aspects- WOW what a season! I am so glad that you like the show- I filmed a lot of astrology for Season 2- I’m trying to build a “library” of basic knowledge that subscribers can reference. Thanks for commenting- I love to know what people think about the topics! ?? Laura

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