Channeling Divine Feminine with Guest Ayesha Patel

Darshana gives her daughter, Ayesha, an unexpected channeled reading! Join us as the energy of the Divine Feminine shares insights relevant to all of us about the polarity of masculine and feminine, working with the Ego, and stepping into one’s authentic power and expression without fear or overwhelm. Grab your tissues – this episode will open your heart!

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6 comments to Channeling Divine Feminine with Guest Ayesha Patel

  1. jennifer.shin at 9:08 am

    Omg what a powerful episode…thank you so much for sharing, especially darshana, when you came back. I could feel your raw emotion, and it was so moving.
    Ayesha, what a beautiful soul you are! I am stunned and awe-struck; I never could’ve imagined that such wisdom and love and honesty could come from such a young person. I love your blog, I would buy 10 books from you in a heartbeat. I am totally spellbound. ❤️ I want more!!
    I think a lot of us have felt lonely during this journey, as in a way we are all pioneers, perhaps you feel it more acutely in your teenage body. Know that we exist everywhere, and have fallen in love with you from afar. We are happy to come into your life. Let’s start a dialogue. I will be waiting. ❤️??

  2. Amora at 11:35 am

    WOW!! So powerful and brave of both of you. I am so touched and learned so much. Thank you all!!!!

  3. ladyastral67 at 2:57 pm


    Love the info on Ego shared! You are so not alone in what you are experiencing, Ayesha! My two daughters (25 yr & 21 yr) have been experiencing similar as you through the teen years and even to where they are now in their life journeys. Enjoy being the age in the now and the rest will all fall into place when it is best for you!

    Enjoyed the info on grounding as well. In a session for a client who was struggling with grounding and trying to use the tree root visual going deep into ground and just was not working for her, her guide told her to stop trying to force it and flip the visual to be more like spider web roots spreading out instead of down. Similar to how some flowers like the Purple Queens do or bermuda grass does, once she tried working with that visual instead, she has not had a problem with grounding. Some of us don’t need deep roots, just enough enough to help us keep on truckin’.

  4. hugegoonerfan at 1:59 am

    I just started on my path roughly over a year ago, and being a 42 year old male, connecting with the divine feminine has changed everything about me. I work with divine feminine energies daily, some being goddess energies (as my limited capacity for understanding connects with them) and the balance it is giving me within, as well as guiding me to greater service and finally finding my true, eternal path, is simply amazing.

    This video is such a blessing from the universe, and this is the first video I watched after signing up – it’s exactly what I needed. Having four young boys of my own, Ayesha’s journey is most encouraging. Two of my four are connected so incredibly to their spiritual nature, and to the earth, and I want to be the best guide and masculine figure for them that I can be.

    Thank you both for the wisdom and the courage to make this video. Ayesha, I hope to be like you when I grow up.

    Love and light,

  5. ttottx at 4:09 am

    Again, staying connected to yourself is to learn your lessons. Seeing everything else is icing but you still came here to learn things.

    As a teen, yes, expressing the emotions is near impossible, you feel as if you can only scratch the surface. It gets a little better as time goes on but it is still limiting. Again, it’s a lesson to be learned.

    You may notice you are learning a lesson more than once or over and over but there are several ways to learn a lesson so sit back and enjoy the annoy! 😛

    Attaboy Jessie! Keep it real! 😛

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