Channeling Ra: Translating Cosmic Wisdom – Part 1

Darshana translates a “braingasm-inducing” RA channeling that ties together many core universal concepts including the vibrational nature of reality, being triggered versus being in the flow, the energetic body, sacred geometry, the matrix, polarity, the non-local mind, Akashic field, releasing patterns, soul journey, and soul contracts. All this and more!

Darshana’s correspondence with Ra transcribed Below.


Channeling RA on BEING IN THE FLOW – 05.04.2017 by Darshana Patel, Spiritual Activist, Medium, & Healer

Darshana: If I connect with my body’s energetic pulsation (remembering I have a unique vibrational signature), I will feel exactly when I am in the flow or when I am triggered at any level – mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically/intuitively. When I become so in tune with the hum of my body and its natural nuances throughout the cycles of the day, I will know precisely when there is a distortion in my energetic field that is keeping me from integrating the ENERGY (INFORMATION) around me (STIMULUS). [RA prompted to elaborate]

RA: To be in the flow is to process through (INTEGRATE), without RESISTANCE, any information coming into your AWARENESS (your PERCEIVED REALITY). If there is a RESISTING PATTERN in the field, it is brought to the LOCAL MIND’S conscious awareness (although it may materialize as if it were subconscious) through the permission of the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, which is an extension (FRACTAL) of the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. The collective consciousness (SOURCE, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, INFINITE INTELLIGENCE) acts in accordance with the AKASHIC FIELD of information to determine whether or not the pattern’s lessons, or contribution to other (in their lessons), or experience has been resolved.

If the pattern (learning) has been transcended by the individuated consciousness (the individual being), the pattern is RESOLVED in the field of energy, returning the pattern’s unique markers to a “0” on the binary algorithms surrounding the being. When the same experience enters awareness again, it remains IN THE FLOW. There is no DISRUPTION in the field – no REACTION and the individual continues to experience of the enlightened BLISS of the timeless, PRESENT moment.

The AKASHIC FIELD holds, among other things, the information related to an individuated consciousness’s (SOUL) intentions for learning, growth, contribution, and experience in that lifetime (JOURNEY). Timing, context, and completion (or renunciation or modification) of a desired LESSON determine if a pattern resolves (is deactivated) or remains activated in the field. The MATRIX (the arrangement of “1’s” and “0’s”) in the ENERGY FIELD around every being and around every ARRANGEMENT of beings, is a series of COMPLEX SACRED GEOMETRIC PATTERNS with “1” and “0” MARKERS at every point. A PATTERN is a standard vibrational signature created through the activation and deactivation of a specific arrangement of markers along these interwoven geometric shapes.

Prior to INCARNATION, an individual designs, with support from ascended masters and guides, a journey. A JOURNEY is an arrangement of ACTIVATED PATTERNS (SCRIPT) in a being’s complex arrangement of geometric configurations around the body to support the soul’s learning, growth, contribution, and experience. As lessons and experiences are TRANSCENDED (what one was SUBJECT TO is now OBJECT… “being had by versus having”), these patterns are DEACTIVATED (“released,” “reframed,” or “reintegrated”). A being’s collective activated and deactivated patterns (SCRIPT) in the field determine the overall vibrational frequency. Each octave of consciousness provides greater access to additional possibilities of experiences through an increasing complexity of pattern arrangements (EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSESS – AWARENESS).

The soul’s YEARNING is a return to the perfect state of DIVINE CREATION through the simple recognition that the perfection is EVERPRESENT and IMMATERIAL. The recognition of the Divinity Within all Beings is the Return to the One Infinite Creator, Source. It is not a separate BEING. It is the Oneness of All Beings.

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