Connecting with Your Animal Companions

Animal intuitive and Reiki master Sigrira shares her knowledge and answers your questions on connecting and communicating with our furry friends and strengthening our interspecies family. Sigrira closes the episode with a recorded reiki session for your animal companions.

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A very big thank you to musician and visual artist Paulina Cassidy for contributing her beautiful song, “soaring through portals” from her album, Drawing Up a Storm to Sigrira’s recorded Reiki session.

Visit Paulina online at and listen to more of her songs on Spotify—animals love her music!


One comment to Connecting with Your Animal Companions

  1. Lynn Bachrach at 8:23 am

    this is an exceptional video – wow! I’m not sure how it works with videos, but, in my opinion, this video should go viral. Sigrira is an enlightened soul currently incarnated in a human form, so she is gently kind, sensitive and compassionate to other humans. but, since she has been communicating with other species since she was a child, and now as a human adult is in her element of communicating with other species as her human “job”, wow, she has so much to offer the world. I’m not sure how the questions were gathered, but they were great and covered a lot of territory. I learned SO much listening to this. amongst so many other topics, Sigrira gently and simply helps us understand how to communicate with our animal companions, and other interspecies beings including trees, etc. as well. she gently integrated her knowingness-es about and personal experiences with multidimensional beings and guides into her gentle but insightful answers. she gave us insights and recommendations that make so much sense for how to further step into our beloved animal companions’ worlds to further understand how they may be feeling, and what to do, if/when they are say grieving or scared. and, Sigrira is just a joy to be around. she is a gentle, inspiring Goddess and just being with her in her kind and evolved world is a soothing experience. wow. what a beautiful video. what a heart-warming experience. thank you, dear Sigrira and the Lighter Side Network for a first-class interview and virtual healing experience. wow!

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