Contracts and Karma: Are they man-made?

The Lighter Side goes live on facebook accepting questions and comments on the topic of Contracts and Karma. Jamie explains how the human experience needs labels to feel protected and safe. The beyond is not judging the choices we are making. We are indeed the captain of our ship.


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  1. daypaula00 at 5:50 am

    I’m so grateful I found The Lighter Side Network. I’m a newbie so I have a lot of videos to get through. I’ve only been here a week but already I feel as if I’ve been saved. (saved is probably not the right word but that’s the closest I can come to how I feel) Thank you, all of you, for all that you do. By the way, Jamie’s voice keeps setting off Siri on my iPhone. Just now she piped up and said, “Are you trying to contact me?” Hmmmm……..

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