From Creepy to Compassion with Guest Jamie Butler

Join Darshana and guest Jamie Butler, The Everyday Medium and host of The Lighter Side, as they share creepy ghost encounters from their work and everyday life.


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  1. jlcarpenter86 at 9:50 pm

    Personal experience of the creepies. I got two stories I can share. First if that I have a spiritual spider that likes show up for my physical eyes, and land right on my head in the middle of the night as I’m trying to sleep. It used to send me out of my bedroom running, and sleeping on the couch. So one of my psychic friends just happen to mention that the spider was not real. It blew my mind because I thought it was physical spiders attacking me but it was not. It was a spider spiritual spider. So that afternoon I spent some time with my spiritual spider. We dance together to some bruno mars, he followed me around at work… I asked it some questions and it just looked at me all confused. That help me to see that the spider was not trying to attack me at night but just trying to get my attention to tell me hello.

    Another recent that others might find creepy is that I was having nightmares for several nights. I usually don’t have nightmares. The about after a week of having nightmares I woke up to this coldest breeze blowing right on my face and a woman’s voice saying “I am looking for the red eye demons .” I really thought there was a crack in my window but when I got up to check it out there was no crack in my bedroom window. So I got a friend to remotely scope out the place. First she told me that the woman was kind of Christ being looking for these red eye demon creatures. She told me I had like three of them there. So I zoned in on them, and laughingly said “that fear stuff don’t work on me.” Lol They volunteerly left. Their skin was dark red, bald on top, black eyes, work black robes, never stop smiling, just stood in one spot, and was about 2 to 3 feet tall. My friend told me that they feed on fear and was causing my nightmare and were just a bunch of meanies. So I, in meditative state, wrapped in myself in my gold aura and went and met one of them in the spirit realm. I really got to learn about one named Feba. They were not so much out looking to create fear, but was there to teach me through fear about a past life hurt that I needed to transmute. Then when I change my belief that these guys were not bullies but were actually sent as teachers for me and I honored them about teacher. I got to learn to that these “demons” are actually not that bad.

    It seems the moral of my lessons I’m learning when dealing with these creepy entities is that they are not always what they seem, and most times there is more to the story than them just trying to scare us. When I stop fearing and start understanding than they leave or I why they are here for a certain reason and when their mission is fulfill than they will move on.

    • Jamie Butler at 8:40 am

      This is great. I do agree, everyone/being are our teachers. I like the technique you used with the gold aura. The spider thing is something else:) I say that because I have had spider dreams and real life crazy spider stuff (not a fan)… wow, a little spider teacher for you:) It reminds me that all life (pants, trees, animals insects) are in the same journey with us and deserve our respect and attention. Thank you for sharing all of this, it is wonderful info and reinforcements.

  2. ladyastral67 at 11:37 am

    Great Episode as usual when you two are together!

    Back in 2012, my oldest daughter’s boyfriend at that time rented a house that was dilapidated. They both knew something or someone was there and moving things but it was also influencing the boyfriend. My daughter senses and sees spirit but had shut down during this time and asked me to come over to find out what was going on and clear the space. As soon as I stepped onto the property I felt ill and found the original owner was still occupying the home as well as his wife. He was a mean bugger and absolutely refused to leave nor allow his wife to leave. The kids finally left that place after two months as it was a really bad energy.

    Another good story I have is a few years ago a friend in Canada had been having issues on the property she shares with her inlaws. A very large piece of land with a long history that no one ever really looked into. Things had been climaxing and my friend was in struggle with it and getting ill. She brought the issue to a private conversation on FB with me and two others as we are all connected in previous lives in which we were all “witches” but this life, we all started moving in that direction (2 are Pagan), found each other, and I teach them how to use those tools in a new way guided by Spirit. We decided to do a “ceremony” or “ritual” to clear this land as I had seen many souls still fighting a war that had ended a long long time ago but these souls were still at odds with one another including a Shaman of the one tribe (battle between Natives to the land and foreigners). Mind you, none of us had done anything like this before in this life.

    The four of us coordinated a specific crystal grid we each had set up at our own homes and the one who lived on the property. At my home, I also set up a fire of specific plants and trees for the purpose too. Every detail the four of us planned out to be the same at our locations as one was in Texas, one in Maryland, one in Canada on the property, and me in NC. Even what was spoken was written just prior to the set date and it was fully channeled from Spirit. My friends were all skeptical on it but I kept telling them, we need to leave the old ways behind and use the tools in a new way that Spirit is guiding us towards. We set the date and time for sunset on a full moon night at the location. And the three of us who had to astral travel for this were all very comfortable with it and each has their own ability to connect as well. The one on the land and the one in Texas were to balance one another and the other two of us were also balancing each other for this endeavor.

    That night was incredible! I was off in astral form with the others. We could see all the Spirits there and using all spirit gave us, we opened a portal to Home. I felt like my energy became a tornado of love calling all these souls into this whirlwind of energy and shooting them home through the doorway until the last one standing was the Shaman of old. He wanted to protect the land and his tribe. It was like shifting from a tornado to just a single wisp of light to stand in front of him. We spoke for a few minutes about how well he did protecting his tribe but the time was done and home was waiting with open arms to welcome him. I could see in my mind’s eye his form shift from this big scary thing that scared everyone into who he was in that life. He took my hand and said thank you. Then he moved right into the portal and it closed. The four of us (mind you 3 still in astral form) reset the energy of the property which was a little over 10 acres.

    Afterward, we all discussed what went down and were amazed at the experience. We had crossed over a thousand souls that night.

    • Jamie Butler at 8:31 am

      I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS reading this. How incredible! Thank you for sharing this. It is good to read how others are helping and using so many different approaches. What works for each of us is going to be different so variety is a must! I am loving how you accessed the true sense of energy: it transcends time and space. You can be where ever you are in the world and still do the work for anyone in the world.
      Thank you again. I admire the work in helping spirits and the bravery it takes to share it.

  3. jlcarpenter86 at 8:01 pm

    Can you recommend any good books on ghost and “lost spirits?” A good education book that will explain different reasons they are stuck and they just can’t move on. I can get some answers from spirit but I am looking for an answer as to why can’t the family members on the other side just cross over the spirits that seem to be “stuck” on this planet in another dimension.

    • Jamie Butler at 8:17 am

      Wow! great question. I don’t know of any. Have you posted this on the Luminaires Unite page? I will take a look around as well and let you know if I find anything. Maybe this is one that needs to be written.

      • jlcarpenter86 at 7:19 am

        I haven’t found a book yet. Lol The question actually comes from something that happen in the Facebook group. I channeled a spirit for a fellow group member and friend, Tom. We met what seems to be a slave spirit who Tom accidentally cross over… it is a pretty funny story. The spirit got to join everyone in his family but his wife is dead but is still living on Earth as a spirit. I wouldn’t say that she is stuck or lost because we channeled her and she is happy and content doing her thing. She still believes that her child and husband are at home. We figure that once she goes looking for them realizes they are missing and she will just cross over herself. However, Samuel her husband, told me that he is trying to to get other people’s guides to get their living people to cross her path and hopefully get her to realize something is not right. When I asked him why can’t he do it he told that because she is still on earth he has to abide by earth rules of free will. He makes me feel like, though, that a living person at a certain vibe can cross her path that will be able to see. Then hopefully will she awaken and realizes something is not right. Everyone I’m the group wanted to cross her over but I just couldn’t do it. She wasnt begging for it. But then all these questions came from others that I had no answers for as to why couldn’t I cross her and etc. Wife being separated from the husband pulled at their hearts and just wanted to them to be together.

        • jlcarpenter86 at 7:22 am

          I was hoping a book could valid some of the things I was channeling from the cross over spirit… I have been only at this for barely a year now. There is so much I still have to learn.

          • ttottx at 4:28 pm

            That’s a lot of knowledge for a newb 😛 And then there’s super newb like me not even knowing I crossed a spirit 😛 I just wanted him protected during his stay here 😛

          • Jamie Butler at 6:10 pm

            I am thinking of writing a book about energy. If you think that is something that might help, Maybe I can get it together sooner than later:-)– Jamie

        • Jamie Butler at 6:09 pm

          It is always best to follow your gut. Even when the rest of the group Has aligned with one outcome and you don’t resonate with it. It still best to Go within, Align with what your energy and your vibrations are Doing. Your story to me is very legit. When you are an earthbound spirit,You abide by the Earth bound Dimensions. Free will is a part of that. thank you for opening up and sharing this. -Jamie

  4. haclayton at 12:57 pm

    I’ve always been sensitive to other energies and love animals. My first cat, Sassy, loved to make biscuits on my legs when I was tucked in bed with a soft blanket. The rhythm of her paws and purring always relaxed me. When I was 14, she passed away from illness. Almost immidiately after her death, I felt something vibrate against my legs when I laid down to sleep. I was kinda scared but it felt nice. For several years after, whenever I had a hard day I felt the vibrations. I was still scared, but the occurrences were so frequent I became desensitized.

    It wasn’t until the passing of my grandpa at age 17 I learned the source of those vibrations. I felt different entities with me all the time, and I learned to distinguish who was who. I realized Sassy was with me and it made me so happy.

    She helped ease me into learning about my sensitivities and I’ll always love her.

  5. ttottx at 7:59 am

    I’m a guy, not real sensitive, and the brown dudes in the dreams get blasted with positive energy grenades if they don’t answer in my dreams. I got tired of them giving me ill sleep…. so *BOOM*!!! Works every time and I laugh and get back to my normal funky dreams. Before the gaming weapons in my dreams I used to just change the channel but that would change the dream too. Bombing them just wipes them away and the dream continues 😛 Being a guy, I love the explosions too 😛

  6. blowuptulip at 7:50 am

    Wow! I love this episode. You two work so well together!!!
    I love the clarity in calling cleaning the energy ‘repatterning’ it makes so much sense! I am also looking at it from the reiki and Pranic Healing point of view. I have only done level 1 in both but specifically during the PH training the teacher was so pedantic about the bowl with salt water and the spray for the hands etc to ‘cleanse’ and it always felt well, unnecessary. I mean, yes it is a tool an aid for visualisation but really if you have a willing participant and with that I mean a client who is willing heal and there fore the intend it set, surely that is all you need? Anyways, great topic.
    I also REALLY loved the idea of you two doing a ‘NON-DRAMA’ ghost hunting kind of programme – LOVE IT! Please do it on film, not just audio. I already can’t wait to watch that!
    Lastly, my son’s school was built right next to the local cemetary. Should I be worried? It all feels peaceful enough… but can spirits attach themselves to anyone they choose?

    Anyway, great episode again ladies, well done!!
    Love and gratitude,
    Jose x

  7. Mary Lloyd at 1:51 pm

    Thoroughly loved the episode! Too many experiences myself to list. I will say that the experiences I’ve had that were not in any kind of a building were probably the most scary for me. Most likely because it was harder to wrap my head around where the boundaries of the experience were.

    Brillant idea of holding Love Sit Ins to reprogram & transmute the energy in haunted places. I’d totally be there!

  8. Elise Graziano at 3:11 pm

    I would love to see an episode where you show us the ropes as to how to acknowledge and repattern energy around us. It would help me to be more confident in doing it myself. Also, as a visual learner, I think it would be so amazing, if you could somehow get a digital artist to recreate (as best as possible) how it looks -energy wise- when you are re patterning and loving an entity in one of those scenarios. I am sooooo in love with you two! thanks so much for sharing your stories. these are my favorite kind of videos.

  9. Taron Howell at 6:59 am

    Lmao! Looooved this! 😄

    I absolutely love you, Jamie!

    Perhaps start by going to the Conjuring house… 😂

    To fear is to feed, & so I also believe in compassion, and love as the best tools when working with such beings.
    Important to note that we are all cut from the same cloth. To fear anything is to fear ourselves & God. Within every being you will find God, because without it, all would cease to exist. If you see something scary, imagine it wearing roller skates and a clown nose. Re-patterning makes so much sense, since we’re all just creators of our own, unique realities/consciousness.

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