Crystal Gridding—Part 3

Laura and Jamie Butler discuss crystal gridding for your outdoor spaces. Whether it’s helping your garden grow, or protecting your property from theft, Jamie and Laura have got you covered!


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  1. jenlock14 at 2:25 pm

    Thank you so much for these episodes on gridding, something i want to do with my own home and watching you both has helped me feel more confident doing it ‘Properly’ plus i can go back and re watch them which i love to do!
    Ps Love all of you ladies on the show and can honestly say the network is my life link! Thank you so so much xxx Jen in Scotland ?

  2. sammysteeds at 12:02 am

    Love the concepts you discussed and wanted to try grinding.
    Lo and behold there was a local gem show. I was able to make an amazing haul and gridded my home and bed as you recommended e,g, Black tourmaline, quartz, rose and Smokey quartz, shungite, moonstone, citrine. I already have amethyst and selenite.

    We live on land that was originally aboriginal and I want to honour their presence. (Shamanism as a future topic?)

    I was drawn to the K2 stone and bought a few and was told it had significant healing power. I also was drawn to a piece (small ) of Moldavite. I am not sure the best way to use these last stones. I haven’t used them for gridding though.
    All my stones are all cleaned and ready to go. Any suggestions as to usage would be helpful.

    Thank you in advance as I know you are busy.

  3. mirjam.djabali at 5:57 am

    I looove the crystal gridding series with Jamie!! So much fun! Thank you ? I have a question about the water Carafe, is that a complete set or is it the metal thing (excuse my English I‘m not a native speaker 😀 ) something you bought and put on it. And if you don’t mind, can you tell me where you bought it?

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