Crystal Sisters—Season 2

Laura’s sister Jenny is back for more crystal sisters! Jenny and Laura discuss different types of stones, their properties, and corresponding chakras.


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  1. mkdixon2011 at 7:18 pm

    ???YAY, the Crystal Sisters are back!!! I’ve been waiting anxiously, for the return. Amazing episode and super excited for the crystal gridding segment, I can hardly wait.

    I want to start my own crystal collection, but a bit apprehensive. I am only apprehensive in being fooled by sellers, with counterfeit crystals. I am curious if there is a way to tell or test a crystal to make sure they are real, before making a purchase?

    • jennybethel at 2:17 pm

      Hi mkdixon2011! First of all, thank you for watching! And thanks so much for your question. Sorry for the radio silence in responding…I’m not in the habit yet of checking for comments/questions!

      You ask a very good question… when starting your collection (yay!), making sure you are buying from a reputable source is important. Make sure they have a high rating (if applicable), or be sure to ask where they obtain their crystals and minerals. Most of the time, you’ll get what you want at a high or moderate quality. There are some counterfeits out there, and certain stones are more susceptible to being “duped” or altered than others. (ie. Citrine). Ask if the stone has been “radiated” in any way to alter its color. A reputable seller will be straightforward and honest with you. Happy to say I’ve had wonderful luck thus far. Hoping you will too! Good luck on your hunt!

  2. mkdixon2011 at 1:22 pm

    When crystals change colors (ie. quartz), they seem to have different functions and can be used differently. When crystals have different shapes (ie. sphere or square), does how they are used and function change as well? (Is their a crystal shape just for healing or a shape just for gridding?)

    • jennybethel at 2:28 pm

      Another great question…

      My thoughts around this are “no”, the shape or size of a crystal shouldn’t alter its function or use. Think of the size and shape in a practical sense. My house is gridded with small stones, even tiny ones. Their molecular structure and power/vibration is set regardless of size. The small stones are simply easier to use and are less visible to others coming in and out of your house or business. I meditate often with spheres and wands, but simply because I love the feel of their shape in my hands. Wands maybe more typically used for healings of different types, but a healer will choose to use what they are pulled towards. The rule of thumb is, “There are no rules!” If you choose to use what you gravitate towards, whatever size/shape, polished or raw, then that is what is right for you!

      Play around and trust your own intuition around it!

  3. SunayAngelS at 12:04 pm

    Please give us info where we can buy these. It’s not that easy to find large nice stones like that. Some places even sell you the wrong stone or fakes.

    • Laura Boone at 12:42 pm

      You can go to your local mineralogical society tradeshow and typically there will be vetted dealers there. Typically each state has one if you google it. Also look around for a local shop that you can trust.
      We are doing a live audience event this spring (date TBD) where we hope to have some of our collection for sale- just a few pieces. Stay tuned for that!

  4. arinawada at 1:19 am

    I’d love to know what type of crystals are ideal to place in certain parts of the house such as living area, dinning, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. For example, will Malachite be good to have in the master bedroom where me and my husband sleep, because as you mentioned its a crystal for marriage/ good communication ? Also, definitely keen to know how to grid crystals in the kids play room as well as their beds. What will enhance their creativity? Whats a good crystal for the meditation room to calm the kids? Whats the best for new borns to place around their bassinet?
    Lastly, how to grid around the house/property? Are there any crystals that will help herbs and plants grow in the garden?

    Thank you so much for all the info so far !
    Love the Crystal Sisters ! Xxx

    • Laura Boone at 12:45 pm

      Hi Arinawada!
      I am filming a two part gridding show with Jamie this week that will air in the next month or so…
      I am going to read part of this question during the show!
      Its not live but look for an advertisement in my social media for when it airs.
      Also- stay tuned for more Crystal Sisters episodes this season! We have some really interesting crystal topics coming up…

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