Jamie Channels Dr. Marshall Rosenberg pt.1

Jamie channels the spirit of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, PhD to speak on nonviolent communication (NVC)—his method of conscious, compassionate communication that identifies the needs and feelings of the communicators. Stay tuned for part 2 of Jamie channeling Dr. Rosenberg.

For more information on NVC, visit cnvc.org

To better understand what constitutes a need vs. a feeling, visit https://www.cnvc.org/sites/default/files/needs_inventory_0.pdf


5 comments to Jamie Channels Dr. Marshall Rosenberg pt.1

  1. algalea05 at 4:58 pm

    Jamie, thank you so much for sharing your experience and concerns regarding your channeling Marshall Rosenberg.

    Love to all!
    Albert Galea

  2. jannauary at 10:37 pm

    This was fascinating! I look forward to the next episode! I bought Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg on Audible probably a year ago, and honestly just couldn’t get into it. Now, after “meeting” him and getting a chance to see where he’s coming from, I can’t wait to start listening again. Thank you Jamie for sharing so much of yourself. Thank you for your courage and your honesty. Sending some love and light back to all of you 🙂

    Anna Marie January

  3. Nicole Jenkins at 5:37 am

    Oh how exciting to channel Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. I would like to hear his experiences of crossing over and still continuing his work through channelling. He can channel through me anytime, I have the greatest respect for this man. When I am asked what I need I want to reply “I need a house, a cleaner and a million dollars plus a hot man!”. But when I look past the material things and really think about it, all I need is the world to be a peace, to love one another and respect each other. I hate seeing young girls selling themselves, children being abused, slavery, racism, sexism and war. What if we all got a fair go and not one person would go hungry in the world. I need peace in my head about all the horrible things that some people have to endure while on this earth.

  4. dmz1606 at 7:09 am

    An outstanding job Jammie! I have all of Dr. Rosenberg’s auto-books and you nailed his word inflections. I’m so glad you decided to channel him! Bravo.

  5. ttottx at 12:55 am

    It’s happened to me before but it’s been so long ago, before I quit getting sick, that I don’t remember why. Probably some allergy thing for me, although my allergies are very limited.

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