Jamie Channels Dr. Marshall Rosenberg pt. 2: Needs of Spirit

In Jamie’s part two of channeling the world renowned psychologist and developer of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Marshall Rosenberg discusses the various needs of Spirit.


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  1. laurie.sehl at 12:44 am

    Oh Wow. That was amazing you guys. So looking forward to hearing more from him. Holy smokes!

  2. allison at 7:23 pm

    I watched this with great intrigue and questions as well. While I greatly admire the NVC work, it has not resonated that strongly for me because of its need-based focus.

    For me “need” means I require something of another in order for me to be OK in life. In my spiritually awakened state, I’m having the experience of not needing anything from others nor needing others to change aspects of themselves for me to be OK in life. Desires, however, I do have but whether those desires are met or unmet is irrelevant to my well-being and joy in life. I’m unattached.

    So if I’m here on earth in human form not actually experiencing a “need” for anyone to change in order for me to be OK, where does NVC fit in? I’m thinking it’s valuable when I’m interacting with others who aren’t where I am and they do feel like they have needs for others to change? Perhaps also beneficial when I interact with others who feel they need for ME to change as well.

    However, should we be living our lives in state of needing others to change for us to be OK or should we be experiencing our natural state of well-being regardless of external circumstances? And does Spirit actually have “needs” (requirements of others for them to be OK) or is it more that they have “desires” (which are optional to their natural state of well-being)?

    Still watching… and re-watching…. pondering…. with furrowed eyebrows at times ? but in tremendous appreciation for this episode nonetheless.

    It’s interesting that Neale Donald Walsh in channeling Spirit labels “need” an illusion, Abraham Hicks channeling Spirit also advising along the same lines to let go of needs, then Marshall Rosenberg being channeled in support of getting needs met. Perhaps the difference we see in what’s being channeled is because we are all different and we are to take only that which resonates for wherever we are in our human journey or wherever we are in our awakening/awareness.

    Thinking out loud in my comments ? but loving this channeling nonetheless. Thanks for all you do in the world! ❤️❤️

    P.S. Oh, by the way, seems like something happened to the videos here. When I view them on my computer, there’s no slider bar in the bottom of the video to “rewind” so it’s not possible to re-listen to certain portions, but the “rewind” option is there when I view it on my iPhone. Probably a video-playing setting that needs to change on the site I imagine? Not sure. I tried different browsers but seems to be the same.

    • Jamie Butler at 1:07 pm

      HI, Thank you so much for taking the time to share and type this out! I so appreciate you. I hear you are not resonating with the NVC need based dialogue but you are intriged with it? Is that right?
      I was wondering if I could provide some clarity by using your example.
      You said:
      “For me “need” means I require something of another in order for me to be OK in life.”

      When “need” is being used within the NVC structure a need is something you require from yourself. A need in internal, not external. NVC does not require change from anyone around you but encourages you to do the changing/growing/accepting.

      You said:
      “So if I’m here on earth in human form not actually experiencing a “need” for anyone to change in order for me to be OK, where does NVC fit in?”

      NVC states that you cannot create or make change with another person. Change is only created from within. So if the focus is on having another person change for your needs to be met then the first step is to acknowledge how you can not make another change. And if other are asking for you to change to meet their needs, this leaves you with a choice. Does this change fit you or is it creating a sacrifice?
      Everything we do is a choice that will fulfill or dismiss our needs.
      If you do have the free time (sometimes i know that is not always available) check out the book NVC
      I love your comments and keep them coming. It is good for us to see and learn how others view the same topic, helps us all gain a little more info:)
      On another note, the slider bar for the viewing will be fixed today.

  3. infinitybalance at 12:22 pm

    I loved this episode (and part 1). A lot of food for thought there for me to ponder. I’m looking forward to watching future episodes featuring Dr. Rosenberg. 🙂

    Just to add on to what Allison said, I’ve run into the same issue with the video player on PC. The seek bar for the video player no longer shows up below the videos, and neither do the volume controls. Instead, there is a yellow progress bar that shows up inside where the play button is in the centre of the video, a yellow line gradually goes across the bottom of the icon to show progress through the video. I agree that it’s probably a player setting that can probably be changed in the back end.

    • Jamie Butler at 12:48 pm

      Hey there,
      Dr Marshall is def. going to be showing up a lot more. As per the website issues, they are being looked at today:)
      thank you for letting us know your experience with our website was not going well. I def. want to fix it:):)

  4. Nicole Jenkins at 8:07 pm

    I hope Dr. Marshall Rosenberg is channelled more often. I learnt a great deal about the spirit world and their needs in this part 2.

    • Jamie Butler at 12:47 pm

      Nicole, we were just talking about Dr Marshall returning for a part 2. I do believe he is going to be a regular:)
      still getting used to working with him but so happy to have met him!

  5. patriomuerte at 8:57 pm

    Wow thanks you for this, it took me kind a long time to be ready to this video, but it was worth it!
    It make me questioning about what I need, about others needs, how to communicate and never knew spirits have such needs themselves, i really thought it was a human’s thing…

    I have tears come out all 2 parts long hahah ( I’m a boy I hate to cry but well
    I’m really gratefull for what you’ve done, and for what Marshalls has said to us and I will rephrase all of it in my head for a couple of days haha!

    Love you all!


    • Jamie Butler at 2:47 pm

      LumiFrank you are the sweetest! Thank you for sharing this. I also will be taking a few days to sort out what Marshal has said and look forward to hearing from him again. Still a little nervous about it but mostly exited.
      Big hugs to you!

  6. Samerina at 2:44 pm

    I’d like to hear those spirit stories that he mentions at the end!

    Until now, I hadn’t considered spirit having needs, and when he listed them, I thought, “I have the same needs too!” I felt connected just knowing that. I’m inspired to ask what they need from me, and to be clearer in my requests. I do have that idea that I have nothing to give, that I’m less than. Maybe if I start giving out to the needs, I will see that I have something worth giving.

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