The Unscripted Way: Emotions 101 – Part 2

What are emotions? Why do we have them? Join Darshana in this episode part two as she explores emotions from the spiritual and energetic perspective! Expand your consciousness and have emotions versus emotions having you!


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  1. Amora at 11:36 pm

    Hello Darshana,
    This was another wonderful episode and gave me a show idea or 2
    If you aren’t called to these ideas, no worries!
    I personally would enjoy a show about automatic writing: your process, ideas for those of us who have trouble getting out of the way. What’s your process like, how do you know who you’re communicating with, how is it different/similar to channeling for you? These are all questions, or whatever questions you think would be helpful!
    Also, your process in channeling, tips for beginners, a how to maybe even a longer episode of you and Jamie discussing this topic?
    Thank you for all the amazing topics covered! I feel bad cuz I only watch you, Jamie and Laura for the most part, unless there’s a topic that really grabs my attention. I guess everyone may connect more with certain hosts.
    Thanks again Darshana!
    P.s. I love your shirt!

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