The Enneagram: Childhood Patterns

Ever wonder what home environments produce Enneagram type 3s? What signs your child may be a type 4? What type 8s are like as children? Laura and Ursula explore various traits and family dynamics that can contribute to a child’s Enneagram type.


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  1. alexisob91 at 4:25 am

    Hey ladies, I am a 4 and some flickers of 3 and some of the others. When Ursula was talking I felt like somebody was reading my whole life up until now. I am a bit teary-eyed writing this. This morning sure is very emotional. But luckily I am an awakened person and I’ve been doing the work since I was a teenager. It’s interesting how things has taken a turn for the better these last years. Thank you so much for this. I deeply appreciate you all.

    • Laura Boone at 1:02 pm

      I am so touched by this. As a fellow 4 I understand the pain that can be experienced in this journey. Please watch the show on integration and disintegration as well. It helps light up the healing path. So glad this helped you! Thanks for watching. Laura

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