The Enneagram: Type 2

Laura shares with Enneagram novice, Jamie Butler the scoop on Jamie’s Enneagram type, commonly known as “the Helper.” Watch to learn about type 2’s core motivations, and how a 2 can better their lives through a path of integration by mirroring the virtues of type 4, and avoid their standard path of disintegration to Type 8 (Eeep!). Jamie shares how her 2 qualities show up in her life.


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  1. ladyastral67 at 12:32 pm


    I am getting SO confused! Back in May after watching the first Enneagram show, I did the long tests three times. At that time, I was getting 8 & 4 with the same equal amounts so one would say 8 first and 4 second with equal amounts and then next it reverse but still both had the equal amounts or percentages then the list of the other numbers strewn below.

    After watching this episode with Jamie, I went and found the test site again and tried it again. This time it came out as 2 w 1.

    I have watched the episodes on 8s and much of it resonates but so does 4 and now, 2 really resonates for where I am now in life with working in service.

    So I suppose we can change which type we are as we move through life and become aware or change directions in life?? Perhaps that is not the right question. I’m just a bit confused and I’ve watched all the Enneagram episodes to understand it fully. I’m a knowledge whore so this is bugging me that I can’t quite get it and I want to get it to not only help myself but others too when they have questions regarding this topic. (Of course, double Libra with Scorpio Sun over here .. gotta balance along with reaching into the depth of heart).

    • Laura Boone at 10:38 pm

      Hi there Ladyastral67!
      First of all, thanks for being an active member in the Lighter Side Network Community. You are why we work so hard to make these shows. I love this question because it demonstrates an aspect to the Enneagram that can be challenging and that is figuring out your type when it’s not so clear. First of all, only you can really ultimately decide what your type is. I will say however that based on your comments and testing there is a strong case that you are a type 2. I say that because the numbers 8 and 4 are both the points that a 2 integrates/disentegrates (these are called Arrows) towards. Whenever someone is deciding between three numbers that are related in that way I always look at the central number that the other two Arrows are connected to. In your case the central point that relates to 4 and 8 as Arrows is 2. I would recommend that you read more about how 2 disentegrates/integrates and what the Arrows are. I hope this helped! XO Laura

      • ladyastral67 at 10:47 am


        Yes, that makes more sense! I was talking with Matt about it yesterday and one thing I realized is that each of the 3 have been the more dominant in different periods in my life. I can definitely see the 2 type more in all of those periods but yeah the disintegration/integration as I was so an 8 for a long period outwardly.

        Thank you so much for your response as it really does clear up my confusion and I will definitely watch this one on 2 again with new ears.

        Keep up the fab work as I am learning a ton about areas I hadn’t delved into before! Always a work in progress.

  2. Laura Boone at 2:04 pm

    Also please watch a previous episode that I did with Monirah Womack (Enneagram expert) on this very topic- Integration and Disintegration- I forgot to mention that!

    • ladyastral67 at 10:18 am

      Thanks Laura! I watched it before but will watch again to better understand that part!

  3. edenhound at 4:36 pm

    Another good episode! I had a sneaking suspicion that Jamie was a 2. She reminds me a great deal of a darling sister that I have who is always loving and caring for everyone around her. I am a 4 like you Laura. The first time I read an in depth description of 4s I became a sobbing blithering mess because it described me and the way I function in the world so accurately.

    It is also interesting that my mother and my oldest daughter are also 4s. We are all artists but definitely function within different layers of the spectrum of integration/disintegration of 4s.

    I am looking forward to more episodes.

  4. jannauary at 10:55 pm

    Great episode. So much good information on your show!

    In Gratitude,
    Anna Marie

  5. Halina Krupa at 10:48 pm

    My ex pointed out last night how our daughter’s behaviour reflected my ‘disintegrating’ 2. Ha, ha! They all know Mama can lose it! And, Jamie, I feel my mother is like that too! When I found out I was a 2, I hated it. But the more I integrate the 4, the better my life gets. All my pivotal points were about, “What about me?” and I felt so ill prepared to answer that. In my family, the women were totally rewarded for being nurturing, giving etc. Sometimes my soul would just rebel and go to 8 to survive…and that’s when I was often called selfish. Thank God I had the wisdom…

    • Jamie Butler at 2:51 pm

      You are singing my song with your words! This system is crazy detailed and good. Thank you for sharing this, it helps me a lot.

  6. Samerina at 6:46 pm

    This is me! No wonder I look up to Jamie so much! Boundaries are hard…I wish I had an endless supply of love to give everyone.

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