The Enneagram: Type 3

Laura invites LSN Producer/Editor, Jesse to join her in front of the camera to talk about his Enneagram type—also known as the “Achiever” or “Performer.” Watch to learn about how this highly effective, gregarious, but sometimes emotionally distant archetype behaves when under stress, and the behaviors a three can emulate to become their happiest, healthiest selves. 


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  1. infinitybalance at 11:58 pm

    Props to you Jesse for being such a great editor and putting yourself out in front of the camera for this episode. You do a great job on this stuff. I’m not a 3, but as someone who also does video editing and has had situations like that happen to him, I can totally relate to that kind of despair feeling. If we could celebrate our victories even half as much as we lament our failures, life would be grand indeed.

    3 is a very interesting number. I believe my mother and a couple others close to me are 3s, so this gives me some better understanding about how to relate to them in both an integrated and disintegrated state. I’m really enjoying this Enneagram series, and am particularly looking forward to 5.


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