The Enneagram: Type 5

Laura and Ursula meet up on The Real Ethereal to talk about Enneagram, type 5: intelligent, cerebral, observant, withdrawn, and paranoid. Laura lists the strengths and weaknesses of this point on the Enneagram, while Ursula shares her own experiences in being a 5, and how she has worked to integrate her type’s traits into her journey on her spiritual path.

Be sure to catch Ursula’s show, The Way of the Spiritual Path, Here on The Lighter Side Network!


3 comments to The Enneagram: Type 5

  1. infinitybalance at 1:05 pm

    Huzzah, type 5! =) I second what Laura said about Ursula. She does amazing work. I just worked with her recently and it has helped me so much. It’s ironic, but not surprising, that I am also a 5 (5w4) and so it makes sense why we connected so well.

    You nailed 5s so well Laura. Pretty much everything you listed, both from an integration and disintegration standpoint I’ve experienced or am currently working on in my life. I definitely can relate to needing to go more towards 8 and less towards 7.

    Are you sure 5s invented conspiracy theories, or is that just a conspiracy against 5s? =P

    Totally agree with the 5 needing to teach or share what they’ve learning but not wanting the attention on them, just the ideas.

    Loved this episode. Looking forward what’s next.

  2. edenhound at 11:46 am

    Thank you so much Ladies! I have grown to love the insights of the enneagram. I am a 4 with a strong 5 wing and am fairly certain that my husband is a 5. So much of this resonated with me. I plan to watch this again in the near future just to take more of it in.

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