Evolutionary Astrology Pt.1

Fellow astrologer Ashely Adams shares with Laura how our north and south astrological nodes interact with other aspects of our charts, and what they can tell us about our lives, both past and present.

For readings with Ashley, contact her at ashmarie73@icloud.com.


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  1. infinitybalance at 1:42 pm

    Hi Laura and Ashley,

    I loved this episode. I don’t really know much about evolutionary astrology, so this was very insightful. I’ve done some research on nodes before, but never this in depth or applied in this way. I’m excited to go do some more research on my own. I’m super excited for the next episode where you get your chart done, Laura. This will be very interesting to see what areas Ashley focuses on and where the ‘ahas’ come from. =)

    Also, to whomever staged the set for this episode, you did an amazing job. I really feel a great energy with this colour scheme.


  2. sammysteeds at 7:02 am

    Hi. Great episode. Love astrology and would have done this instead of my career if I were younger.
    One question though. Given that time is irrelevant how does this affect the astrological chart which is so time based? It is all connected to the celestial positions at a specific hour of birth. I am trying to sort out this conundrum. Hmmm.
    Your network and shows are so addictive and a medicine to help counterbalance the current global problems.
    Thanks ?

  3. ladyastral67 at 6:41 pm

    Laura and Ashley,

    Really informative episode as I hadn’t heard of evolutionary astrology before and only read up a little before on N&S Nodes. The explanations you guys shared finally gave it some sense so I could understand much better about these aspects and understand the info when looking into my own. Really interested to see the next one with Laura’s reading on it and see what pops up!

    Oh and Laura, yeah… N=Aries/ S=Libra… once I read more.. I should have known. hahahahaha smh!

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