Exploring Past Life Karma

Jamie talks with Carol Cassara about her work with past life regression and interlife karma.

Visit Carol at www.ahealingspirit.org.

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3 comments to Exploring Past Life Karma

  1. ladyastral67 at 3:50 pm

    Really enjoyed both of these episodes and the live feed with Carol.

    My first introduction to the LBL/ PLR therapy was back in 1998 when the book Journey of Souls was prompted to purchase after a meditation group session. I turn people onto those books often!

    My first introduction to meditation was also through guided meditations in a group by my mentor and I still use that technique today as well as make some that are posted on Youtube for others. I also worked with Brian Weiss’ Regression CDs. When I finally had the opportunity to do a QHHT session with a friend, it was amazing how similar the experiences and was able to see 4 lifetimes relating to the healing issue I was working on that I have in this life. It was rather funny in one of them that I was speaking in a totally different language! Then in 2015, an opportunity to do a PLR came my way and since then I have done 3 to which I will ever be grateful for the insight and healing that was provided.

    HIGHLY recommend for others to explore PLR, LBL, or QHHT! I would love to see an interview with you and Scott De Tamble (http://lightbetweenlives.com/index.html).

  2. Amora at 11:14 am

    Though I don’t agree with her perspectives on everything, this was a good conversation. I found it interesting that towards the end she seemed to understand the absurdity of needing a priest as a “middle man” , as we indeed have a direct connection to Spirit, yet believes that our spirit guides and council knows better than us once we’re home.

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