Fake Psychics and How to Spot Them

Laura welcomes Darshana, host of enLight’n Up, back on The Real Ethereal to give tips on how to spot the psychics, readers, and practitioners that may not be the intuitives they claim to be. Laura and Darshana also chat about their experiences with skeptics, and how to best open yourself up and prepare for a reading to get the most out of it as possible.


2 comments to Fake Psychics and How to Spot Them

  1. Amora at 1:08 pm

    Thank you both for bringing this topic up!! This is such an important topic and unfortunately, as you’ve said there is a lot of skepticism and judgement around doing this work because there ARE so many who are claiming to be channeling information or healing when they sometimes very obviously are NOT. There needs to be deep integrity around this work and also, for future shows maybe there could be a follow up with A. how to address or not address this if you know of fakes, either people you’ve been to or in one’s own community? Do you address it or just try to ignore them? Personally makes it harder to trust that my own intuition is true, also trying to be compassionate and then there are those who may not be mentally well.
    Another topic I think would be nice to have some discussion around is the importance of being taught ethics and integrity around this work, the importance of studying for a time with someone and of developing our gifts before we start doing the work for an exchange of abundance.
    Thank you Darshana and Laura for your work, your deep authenticity and integrity. It is appreciated. With love and gratitude,

  2. heymarcia at 10:35 pm

    How precious you both are. Thank you for your genuine openness and frankness. ?

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