Jamie & Laura on Ghosts & Hauntings Live on Facebook

Jamie is joined by host of The Real Ethereal, Laura Boone on her pre-Halloween FaceBook Live show. Jamie and Laura field questions from their FaceBook audience regarding ghosts, hauntings, and other spooky supernatural phenomena. Laura and Jamie discuss what exactly constitutes a ghost, how to set boundaries with restless spirits, and Jamie shares a story about visits from mysterious entity with which even she is not equipped to fully handle. 

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3 comments to Jamie & Laura on Ghosts & Hauntings Live on Facebook

  1. bobbym76 at 2:58 pm

    That was a FUN episode to watch. Informative as always, yet presented in a light easy manner. That just makes the show that much more enjoyable to watch.

    • Jamie Butler at 2:45 pm

      You are so speaking my language!! I want it to be fun! So Bobby if you have any show topics you want to see in a fun manner let me know:) by submitting it through the website on the main page! Love it

  2. krystalhopp1720 at 2:59 am

    This speaks to me sooo much!!!! My short story is….. I have always had a strong sense that what I was being taught growing up Catholic wasn’t right… I went around and learned different religions against the judgement of my very Catholic religious family! Only learning that none satisfied me wholly and I didn’t need a religion or building. Again…very long story short!! But I’ve been on this spiritual journey I feel my whole life. I don’t know how to explain this but I feel you, Judy will understand me…. Ive been watching and learning from you recently and I resignate with you, your great! I know that I have a strong connection and its just opening that door.. .that’s it… I know it will be that easy for me….it’s there!! What kept the door closed is I have 2 young children, an 8yr old daughter and a 5yr old son. I’m learning as we go but this year things have changed drastically!! My daughter, long story short, had a sudden rush of anxiety and through searching, I learned it’s her being empathic and I believe psychic… I guess you can call it…she knows things that happen when she isn’t around and things that are going to happen, without her knowing it conscientiously! My son, since birth, can clearly see spirits. It seemed to chill out between age 3 to 5.. but recently came back and he started speaking up about it and also having fear. Oddly, both of these things happened when I set my intent to learn about ways to protect myself and open myself up…. I just wanted to learn. . thats all I did and both kids seemed to have the fire hose sprung on. I’ve also recently learned that I’m a sage archetype which defines me to a T!!!!!!! So after I set this intent to learn so I could open my door, instead the flood gate opened for them!! Since then, I’ve been sitting back with the door closed because I need enough within myself to help them and I want to be as prepared as possible!! I do feel awesome that they have a mom open to this…..and that’s my #1 priority now, helping them with their abilities! I’m learning as much as I can and I’m at a place where my connection with God is 100 and all uncertainty has subsided. I am curious if you offer anything that can help me with knowing how to help them evolve…being they are only 8 & 5 and I didn’t experience these things as a child, or even as an adult necessarily!
    Any classes, YouTube, or just maybe continue learning and growing myself and trust that’s enough? Which I do…lol… but again, Sage….so want to learn more!!! Any thoughts are sooo appreciated!!!! ???

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