Graceful Insights: How to Connect to Joy

Jamie channels Grace to lead viewers on a short meditation designed to identify and limit stress while connecting to the joy and peace within.


2 comments to Graceful Insights: How to Connect to Joy

  1. ttottx at 1:36 am

    I haven’t watched this yet, fixin to, but before I do, I was born with joy. Joyjoyjoyjoyjoy… it can be annoying πŸ˜› This is why I say if I get any happier I might bust a joyous seam πŸ˜›

    • ttottx at 2:41 am

      ah, a guided meditation! Please be comfortable. Put your tray in the upright and locked position. Please keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times! πŸ˜›

      Well, I could dump Cotton to get more comfortable, but that’s not gonna happen πŸ˜› Breathing in and out, petting Cotton (a cat, Grace, solid white, if you haven’t come to pet her yet πŸ˜› )

      All the stresses are the same size for me. All lined out (ish), square blocks, same size, yellows and reds mostly.

      Holding the blocks as a kitten being taught to enjoy human attention. My blocks just want nothing much to change, they are helping me cope with a difficult situation but appreciate the love they’re getting. (that was hard to decipher and put into words)

      Coming back into my heart tickles. Gonna bust a joyous seam…

      “So many options, so many choices…” so I go by “if you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong!”

      The happiness chime.

      Thanks Grace! Something that comes naturally for me! I’ll see what I can do with any changes I can possibly make πŸ™‚

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