Graceful Insights: Grace on Mantras

Jamie channels Grace to share about the power of mantras. Grace shares some on the history, the types, and the techniques employed and performs a couple demonstrations.


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  1. vongvongnc at 10:33 pm

    That’s so cool!! When ya started chanting”om” I felt as though my third eye is opening”! : And the salt nam, sorry if I’m getting it wrong, I feel as though my i can literally feel my energy is flaring out of my hands. For some reason when I’m doing a mantra I can’t be in tune does that mean deaf tone? And it’s a good thing I don’t sing ? hehe

    • Jamie Butler at 4:25 pm

      WOW Von!Love the vibrations:)
      Being out of tune could mean you are tone deaf…..doesn’t mean to stop singing!! Keep going!

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