Graceful Insights: The Agreement to Tragedy

Jamie channels Grace to talk with Colleen about the role our guides and higher selves play in deciding what tragedies we will experience in our incarnations and why. Grace reveals how important experiencing tragedy is for humanity, and how it can lead us all to a higher level of enlightenment.

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  1. Amora at 12:07 am

    This was a great episode but we need to have a part 2 addressing the initial topic/ question: Does everything happen for a reason? Didn’t hear an answer and around why we choose these, are they always contracts, etc.. Great opening questions, they just got a bit lost. Thank you so much Grace, Jamie, Colleen and Jesse!!
    Also, there IS indeed a child in the back room correct?( Not a spirit/ghost)!
    Love you all!
    Additional question: If we feel we took on too much and ask to have some things taken off our plate how can we get our higher self/ and guides to remove some of it?? Thank you!! 🙂

  2. ttottx at 3:14 am

    This is why I’m happy even in tragedy, it’s a change of pace from all the joy, which makes me more joyful overall. Understanding, comprehension, gratitude for the tragedy.

  3. Samerina at 10:34 am

    There wasn’t an answer to why, and I’d still like to know. It had me wondering, “do our spirits love pain so much that we can’t wait to experience it all? Or is pain the cost of living?”

  4. ladyastral67 at 12:20 pm

    Book Excerpt:
    Incarnations Provide Direct Experiences
    It comes down to this—we don’t have these types of experiences at Home, and incarnating helps us to evolve as Light Beings in ways that we can’t evolve at Home. ~Pretta
    People think, “Why can’t we have the perfect society that’s all beautiful and love all the time, with no suffering or pain?” But you have that at Home. And you have that on other worlds you’ve all incarnated on at one point in your soul’s evolution. But in those perfect societies with no challenges, you can only learn so much. They can only take you so far. Each of you came to Earth because you realized, “I really want to understand these things on a level I can’t achieve through observation alone. I need to go in and feel it.” Otherwise we can’t grow as individual beings or as a spirit community. ~Leilana
    If we never incarnated and experienced pain, we wouldn’t understand pain from the perspective of actually feeling it. In your darkest times, you don’t recognize that the darkness serves you, but it’s just as necessary as the light. It enables the greatest expansion of learning. If we didn’t do incarnations, we wouldn’t learn anything and we wouldn’t make all the cool stuff we make. The human experience is so amazing and valuable. It provides so many opportunities to learn and grow. ~Tiachia
    Human incarnations allow restrictions that let you explore other areas on Earth that you need to explore. I know that sounds strange, because who wants to be restricted? And if you were to say, “I came here to learn about grief and loss,” most people would think, “Are you insane? You came here to learn about losing everyone and everything? Are you nuts?” Many people can’t see the beauty of the struggle and they stay stuck in that black hole. ~Ezra
    But some are becoming aware that even their worst experiences have taught them things they could never have learned any other way. They’re beginning to see how those experiences helped them bloom as an individual and gave them so much more to bring into their next experiences, including strengths they wouldn’t have had if they hadn’t gone into the black hole to begin with. And they begin to see a much better picture of their lives. ~Pretta

  5. bonniebabird at 3:42 pm

    Thanks ALL. When I clicked on the Twin Hearts link it isn’t connecting, says;”Whoops! How did you get here?” something like that. Have to hear this again because I’m more confused now! Grace encourages us to take part in causes we’re passionate about, but I’ve found that this often leads to labels of right/wrong,us vs them,good/bad and feeds these dualistic ideas in tricky ways.
    For example: I have passion for helping our animals,Mother Earth. But many times I become -instead of compassionate about another’s unawareness – judgmental,a recycling Nazi! What humans do to their pets,other animals makes me literally sick sometimes,its easy to condemn such cruelty, especially within a group. I’ve been guilty of these careless behaviours in the past, so I can relate to that unawareness absolutely. But are these MY battles? What about the life lessons of others? How about the “group mentality” that may suck us into judgments ?
    My conclusions have been to recycle my OWN crap,be loving toward the animals I encounter, but NOT to try to teach or reform others at this point. Giving ourselves compassion ,to me, means not taking on what boils down to individual consciousness,individual responsibility.
    perhaps the Twin Hearts meditation will clarify. Please make it available. Namaste.y’all

  6. bakingtt at 5:35 pm

    Great topic. Thank you all. Colleen asked great questions and I agree that a part 2 would be useful to address the incomplete answers.

    I’d also like suggestions on how to support someone who seems to bounce from one difficult sitation/tragedy to another with barely a breather.

  7. Nehaa? at 12:28 pm

    I just looove Grace…..???
    Shouting out to Grace for sharing her wisdom… ?

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