Hatching Independent Kids with the Women of Chick U Do

Jamie chats with long time friend Marla Zafft and her business partner Lani Preis about their unique method to get kids involved and eventually take charge of preparing their lunches. Their easy, intuitive “U Do Lunch” system encourages young children to get organized, plan ahead, and pick healthier meals – helping them in developing self-care skills that will last a lifetime. 

Visit Lani and Marla at www.chickudo.com.

Be sure to join the ladies of Chick U Do live at the Center for Love and Light in Atlanta on Wednesday, November 12, 2017! More information at withloveandlight.com/event/hatching-independent-kids-chickudo


3 comments to Hatching Independent Kids with the Women of Chick U Do

  1. ladyastral67 at 11:32 am

    This was really interesting. Just might have to order from them as a gift for my granddaughter even though she is only 2 at the moment. When I was raising my kids, it was always a struggle for getting lunch made and out the door on time and then finding so much of it not touched for this reason or that. The other struggle was having enough variety in choices. This might help my daughter as her daughter starts to get bigger in being more involved in her food choices. Thanks for bringing this forward!

    • Jamie Butler at 8:29 pm

      Oh please do order! We really have enjoyed using it at our house! We love bringing in new product and passion people creating great products. Let us know if you find something great too!

  2. kathleenyoungsma at 8:49 pm

    Oh YEAH! ALL FOR THAT! Especially the smart ass 12 year olds….So smart they can do it right? Right Lol

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