Healing vs. Healthcare

Ursula is joined again by Dr. Robert Springer to discuss how our “Healthcare” does not always have healing at heart, and how we should look at the entirety of ourselves when treating sickness, and not just the illness itself.

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  1. allison at 1:05 pm

    Thanks for this episode. I honestly never knew doctors were on a time limit per patient although I’ve always felt rushed. Thankfully I don’t go to doctors much at all – funny I also say that’s why I’m so healthy. I bookmarked Dr. Springer’s site – thanks for sharing guys, this was very informative on how the medical industry works!

  2. ladyastral67 at 1:47 pm

    Really good episode, Ursula! Back in 2011 after having to leave my massage therapy career for health reasons and chronic pain, I was going through the vat of specialists as I had filed for disability. I have severe damage to my cervical spine from a car accident in 1985. By 2011, I was using supplements, herbs, foods, and cannabis to manage my pain and health instead of scripts of heavy pain meds.

    I was finally sent to a Pain Mgmt specialist and I took my mom who is a retired RN to the initial appointment. I have a list of diagnosis from various doctors. Anyway, we finally go to this specialist. Tons of paperwork to fill out and we finally get in the room. He comes in, reads the forms with the listing of everything I am taking and so on. Hasn’t even done an exam yet as he tells me that in order to treat me, I would have to go off of everything I was on and stop using cannabis so he could prescribe me a list of narcotics to use and would require monthly drug testing for each renewal. I asked if the drugs would inhibit my cognitive abilities and he said yes, I would have to have someone with me all the time to ensure I did not harm myself as they could cause suicide or suicidal thoughts. He then goes on to tell me that really what I was doing was the most effective long term with the least amount of side effects but he couldn’t write that down or report it that way as cannabis is illegal. He just starts his physical exam, says yes the diagnosis are correct and stops. Makes a note and gets a phone call on his cell phone in his pocket. He excused himself to take the call, goes out of the room to which we could hear him discussing a real estate deal and he never comes back in. He sent his nurse in with two scripts and the instruction that if I want to continue to see him to take these pills and come back in a month.

    I did fill the scripts and once I read the side effects and various aspects of the meds, I ended up flushing them down the toilet as they clearly stated if you have a hormonal imbalance with serotonin, you are high risk of suicide. My mom and my husband both said NO WAY are you taking these meds. I continue to maintain through the avenues that work best for me and continue to listen to what my body says it needs. I will stick with chiropractic care and holistic healthcare.

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