Health Line: Disease & Diet

Helene invites author and chef Mark Tioxon onto the show to discuss what his health line can tell him about his battle with autoimmune disease.

Find Mark at and on Instagram @leahandmark

Click here to download Mark’s new autoimmune protocol cookbook on Kindle, Beautiful Delicious AIP


5 comments to Health Line: Disease & Diet

  1. kmhass65 at 11:34 am

    I’m really enjoying learning palmistry from your videos! Fascinating! Looking forward to more?

  2. Amora at 4:42 pm

    Hi Helene, i don’t think i have a health line lol…
    Maybe a faint one on the left hand.
    What would that mean?
    Thank you

      • Helene Saucedo at 8:03 pm

        Hi! A faint health line can mean health isn’t a priority in your life. A broken health line can be stress effecting your mental or physical health. I hope that helps!

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