Holding Space for Healing

Jamie talks with Dr. Crystal Jones about “shadow work” and “alchemizing” our lives and reclaiming our inner power to heal. Dr. Crystal speaks on how we actively give our power away to others, and how she strives to be a “healing facilitator” rather than a “healer.”

Visit Dr. Crystal at www.healwithcrystal.com


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  1. ladyastral67 at 10:56 am

    Really good episode! “Collateral Beauty” is an excellent movie so have some tissues nearby! I love movies and watch all various genres, I’ve watched this one 3 times now and am moved every time! I really love Dr. Crystal’s energy and her way of being a healing facilitator. I’ve read for several healers of various types and one thing that has come up many times is to integrate various forms based on the client’s needs and journey. Being the conduit or connective space for them and using all kinds of tools to assist, you never know what is in your tool bag that will make the difference unless you break out of the box and try integrating.

  2. allison at 8:55 pm

    OMG!!! Finally a healer that lives in the awareness that they are not actually healing anyone but rather facilitating the process of the client healing themself! Yes! I love this woman and I’m giving her a standing ovation for the light and truth she emanates. Looking forward to the evolution of healers, coaches, and all lightworkers coming into the awareness that we are all simply facilitators here to remind our clients that the power is in their hands. We each here creating our own reality. Another awesome episode! Thank you!!

    • Jamie Butler at 12:32 pm

      Right Allison?!! Dr. Crystal is amazing and a huge reminder to the healers and light workers of the world that they are the conductors of the healing but the client has the power to heal in their own hands. I love it.

  3. theamazingunderdog at 3:24 am

    So much good stuff here! <3 I loved also her explanation of the "shadow work" in a way that isn't dualistic and promotes integration to the light, not just acceptance that we have shadows. Love this lady!

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