How to Cultivate Positive Workplace Energy

In the season 4 finale of The Lighter Side Show,  Jamie continues her discussion with Jesse and Colleen about setting intentions for a positive work environment and career. The team shares their personal experiences balancing work, play, and mindful living, and leave us with some of their insights on blending their professional and spiritual lives.

See you soon Luminaires for season 5!


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  1. ladyastral67 at 1:30 pm

    Both of these episodes were very informative and FUN!
    When I worked in a cubicle doing A/R, I used to clean my desk and rearrange everything when it felt stagnant or overwhelming. I also kept a small bowl of lavender on my desk and family photos to use as focal points as to why I was there and what was important in my life.
    Now that I work in my home, I keep the space clear as much as possible with things such as smudging, incense, aromatherapy sprays, crystals, and I do purge type cleaning often.
    My “GO TO” when I am feeling stressed, or with an abundance of emotions and thoughts to process or even to physically clean, Rock-N-Roll such as Collective Soul, Pink, Eagles, and so on. Classic and Alternative rock and roll will be blasting throughout the house! If it is cleaning, then you find me scrubbing the various rooms down while dancing and letting the music help me to process and release. If it is just stressful, emotional stuff, I dance. I blast those stereo speakers and dance around the house until I feel renewed. It’s gotten to the point that my family all knows when they hear the stereo blasting out the doors and windows… Mom is dancing or Mom is cleaning hahahahaa!

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