How to Talk to Your Kids about Energy

When and how do we talk to young people about energy and Spirit? Jamie and Colleen share ways to talk to your kids about these topics at any age that are truthful and respectful of their needs. Jamie and Colleen explore the sensitivity and openness children have to Spirit and energy perception at an early age, and the good news if your teenager does not share your interests in spirituality. 


2 comments to How to Talk to Your Kids about Energy

  1. ngarfinkel at 6:21 pm

    I loved this episode. I wish there was a school that taught the way you have been teaching your group.

  2. emalinedawn at 1:30 pm

    Thank you so much for this!! My daughter is already very intuitive and interested in energy, vibration (she brought home a library book on light, sound, and vibration, and now wants to wear purple a lot since she learned it has the highest) and spirit at the age of 6. It can be difficult to explain and encourage, yet not having teachers call you complaining about what they are talking about to other kids lol. I just bought her a fairy garden that she wanted that we are planting, and I always want to encourage her to remain open and to learn and grow, but also there is undoubtedly that fine line of what is deemed “acceptable” to discuss in “public.” Her “imaginary friend” whom I know was not truly imaginary, that she’s had since she could first talk, became almost non-existent after starting school. It is so helpful to have other perspectives and advice on the topic. It is much appreciated!!


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