How to Keep Your Inner Peace

Dr. Karin signs on with a live Facebook audience to talk about maintaining your sense of inner peace and stability. Whether it is cultivating your sense of self worth, or keeping it together in times of adversity, Karin covers both the spiritual and practical routines we can do to stay grounded and positive.


2 comments to How to Keep Your Inner Peace

  1. FREDRICK Garrett at 5:55 am

    I wish to laugh joke and look on the bright side of life.

  2. John Sullivan at 4:48 am

    I needed to read this desperately tonight. Im a wonderful, creative being who is naturally curious and I have infinite love. Most of my life I have been told I was bad, it I didn’t feel bad. What I felt was overwhelming love for life. Others I knew and didn’t know. At some point there was a shift and I felt bad, forgot love and at the age of 46, 10 years homeless, 5 years incarcerated and been fooled into believing the BS. I’m not violent, the first time I caught. Fish I cried. I’m a white man so I’m young enough to have missed the Irish and the racism they went through and most human group at one time or another. I’ll never forget the day I became aware of racism. It was a documentary on the civil rights movement because the blacks were so tired of being told thhey were bad. As I watched the footage of how people who had light skin treated the the people with dark skin in such a way that just as I wept for the pain I witnessed in that fish I caught, gasping for air. I wept for the blacks so desperately in pain gasping for the hook of violence and belief systems that arise out of the lie that you are bad. I’ll leave you with this question. What shall we classify the results of said belief systems?

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