How to Keep Living When Reality isn’t Real

Darshana’s daughter, Ayesha Patel shares her teen perspective on spiritual depression, disillusionment, and her path to empowerment. How do you keep living when you realize reality isn’t “real?”

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4 comments to How to Keep Living When Reality isn’t Real

  1. allison at 3:44 pm

    Wow, this was truly amazing! First of all, just watching the relationship between an awakened mom with an awakened daughter was just profound. And Ayesha is so incredibly beautiful inside and out. What a beautiful soul! Thank you both SO much for the openness and insights from a young awakened soul’s perspective. This was just beautiful. Thank you!

  2. akissinger82 at 12:11 am

    What a beautiful and vulnerable moment between the two of you. Thank you both for sharing. As I learn more I too come across the question of “what’s the point?” and like Ayesha, my passion keep me grounded. Loving my kids, loving my pets, creating things with my hands, oh, and good food!

  3. ttottx at 1:49 am

    I have been given the glimpse of how everything is connected, it can be fleeting if you don’t concentrate and pay attention and walking the path of my lessons is just enriched knowing this and I can sit back and relax and take a look at how everything is connected at times. I find it exhilarating to sit back and view this when I have time.

    The ego realizes the power of the higher self and manifestation with the snap of the fingers and it just doesn’t work that way here on this planet. Or as I feel, it did at one time but that was removed because of abuse. So now we get to trod along and learn our lessons but I still find it fascinating seeing how everything is connected. I like to see how my manifestations come to be in odd ways. It’s not the direction my ego particularly wanted but the end result is the same, lesson learned. And I still get to see how everything is connected.

    To focus on the loneliness is to realize you can only learn your lessons. You walk this path alone. Hobbies are a way to not feel alone where you can join in with others for a joint effort of the same ideals and expressions of talents. I’ve found out my whole life is my hobby.

    It’s that joy, overwhelming joy that’s the high of life. I was born that way and it can really be annoying. If I get any happier I’ll bust a joyous seam! Pulling back into yourself is so you can concentrate on your lessons and you feel lonely again and not connected. It’s your path to walk and learn. I rather enjoy my own company so it has been rather easy seeing both sides and being myself. Love yourself and love others.

    • ttottx at 1:56 am

      So what I’m saying is, even though you have the sight of both sides of the veil, you are here to learn lessons and that is a lonely path, only you can walk it by yourself. So, you can just surround yourself with like minded people and explore the differences along the way.

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