Ley Lines, Vortexes, and Portals…Oh My! Pt.2

Maitland and Colleen’s part 2 of their discussion on various energy phenomena on Earth. Maitland explains the different types of energy fields, and whether they can be created, removed, or altered by our actions and intentions. 

Be sure to check out part 1 to learn more about Earth’s energy phenomena.


4 comments to Ley Lines, Vortexes, and Portals…Oh My! Pt.2

  1. gretamtb at 9:58 am

    Dear Maitland and Professor Jaimie,

    How do Ley Lines, vortexes, and portals affect temperatures where they are ?

    If it’s in a room, would the room feel warmer or colder ?

    Thanks ?

    -Andrew H

  2. ttottx at 3:07 am

    Maitland forgot?

    I wrote good poetry on opiates 😛

    There was a spot on mom’s place were you heard a tone… more like felt it… on the WNW corner of the house.

    My wild cat, Skeeter, moved into a cave with a bear 😛

    • ttottx at 3:33 am

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      I am a man,
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      ©ttott 2002

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