Live on Facebook: Your Pets and the Afterlife

Jamie and Colleen deliver another Facebook Live show for The Lighter Side Show audience! Jamie channels Maitland, who shares her knowledge of what our pets and animal companions encounter and experience in the afterlife, and answers your pet questions on the topic!

This episode of The Lighter Side Show was recorded in front of a live Facebook audience on February 8, 2018. Join Jamie and The Lighter Side Show gang, live on Facebook, select Thursdays at


8 comments to Live on Facebook: Your Pets and the Afterlife

  1. madimihalcea at 12:05 pm

    Such a boost of energy each time I watch you, Maitland! Thank you! You bring so much fun, play, and learning into my life. 🙂

    I have a request for the team: would you be willing to let under the videos some links to the resources you are mentioning into the videos? It would bring so much ease in accessing and remembering, in my opinion.

    I wish you joy and flow in everything you do!

    • Jamie Butler at 8:22 am

      We love to post links too. Colleen goes back to the FaceBook live streams and writes down the links that are discussed. If we forget please write us about what link you would like to have! -Jamie

  2. ladyastral67 at 2:29 pm

    Lots of love to you, Maitland!! A HUGE Thank YOU for the confirmation on Teaka and Sattie! My husband LOVED the message too! I hope you enjoyed their stories!

  3. marciehastings at 3:50 pm

    Speaking of billboards, why don’t we have some t-shirts made that we can purchase and wear. I always get asked about the company shirts I wear- just a thought. Let’s build viewership!

  4. bmbbuchananmusicblogger at 9:38 am

    Thanks Jamie and Maitland brings comfort after losing my sweet Banrigh. I didnt want to kill her i kept telling her to cross but she didnt i had to help her she let out this cry too. I held her as she was sedated very very traumatic for me and triggered my PTSD. I know she had to go he body had failed her. When i got home there was a bee on the bed where she lays. I seen that as a sign as she used to try catch bees and eat them. During her sickness there were many many orbs around when i filmed and after it when i asked if she was here to come close to camera i saw her orb flying up close and slow to camera. I know shes with me i think my grief is still to thick to feel her yet. I hope to be able to channel too meditating to try raise my vibration.
    This brings lor of comfort for us i know souls neer die but god do i miss her physical presence. Her beautiful face. Had to buy this episode to watc and shared it with another grieving youtube person to bring comfort to her too. much love and light. So glad to see this is an option had no idea. Look forward to watching more. xoxoxo

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