Maitland on (Non)Linear Time

Ever feel like time is standing still? Jamie channels Maitland, who breaks down the illusion of linear time, the nature of a nonlinear existence, and how a linear mindset must still be maintained in our day to day lives on earth.


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    • Jamie Butler at 10:45 am

      Jamie: Wow, that is the coolest image. I have never seen that before.
      Maitland: Thank you DMZ1606 You understand it, therefore you embrace time to work for you! I love this image you sent.

  1. Amora at 10:04 am

    Awesome job, Maitland! This is all known and understood info by me, but still good to hear, be reminded and receive different visuals. (I really like the wheel) ♡ Maybe we could have a part 2 and go a little deeper.
    One of my questions is how on earth it’s 2017, so all of my other earth lives, if they’re happening right now, then I would imagine those time periods are absolutely as real as this one, so how is it that we only perceive 2017, are those other lives playing out at different times, right alongside us? WHERE is that time period, how exactly is it that we’re only (mostly) perceiving this one? I don’t know if that will even make sense to whoever reads these. Thank you ♡

    • ttottx at 4:26 pm

      um… crap… I’ll have to watch again but she explained that, something about the ‘being present in the moment’ I think it was.

      • ttottx at 7:37 pm

        “it’s the body that you’re in that keeps you in the now, that one note, that one topic…”

        almost verbatim 🙂

        • Amora at 1:27 am

          Yes, I got that. That each seperatelife’s consciousness is present in each life. But, exactly how does it work, like now, 2017… in seattle, where is 1907 in seattle, like how is 1907 and 2017 happening at the same time? I guess I’m wanting to comprehend things we cannot understand.

          • Jamie Butler at 7:10 pm

            Maitland: Yes yes yes. All the years you can think of are happening at the same time. But they don’t collide. So that is good. What really matters is how the human is only focused on the now. That is the big savor for you. That way you don’t get confused with all the ‘time lines’.
            It is ok if you don’t understand. You don’t actually need to understand it for it to work:)

          • ttottx at 1:06 am

            Erik would explain it as it’s all stacked, like all the dimensions. So like a book page, 1907 is there and so is 2017. Something like that. And since your incarnations intersect though, I hope they don’t mind I fell through my shop roof tonite. No damage except to the roof 😛

          • Amora at 11:12 pm

            My brain hurts lol… yes, I understand, it’s like a ball, time all wrapped around each other. I don’t know the best way to ask this, but I have always been concerned about how all our other lives are inaccessible to most humans so that we stay focused in the now. So, like we forget a LOT of stuff, so I’ve always had this sort of worry that , hmmm how do I ask this. I’m concerned that when I exit this life I’ll forget the joy and love of being home and that my consciousness will just be stuck in another life. I really want to rest for awhile. This life is so very heavy for me right now. I’m trying so hard to stay in it. Thank you for everything Maitland and Jamie! Big hug!

          • ttottx at 2:45 am

            Take a minute out to relax and think about how heavy life feels and how you want to rest and see just how exciting that is that you are able to feel that way! It sure beats being bored! You’ll remember all your joys when you pass this life. I believe it’s another part of your higher self that’s living the other incarnations so you’ll join in with your higher self and check out the happenings! Or you can jump out as this current being and go meander around and do stuff, help others or whatnot 🙂 I’m always happy, even when I’m mad I’m happy, it’s a nice change of pace 😛

    • Jamie Butler at 10:47 am

      Maitland: yep you got it!
      all of your other lives are just seeing the moment they are in and thinking the life you are living right now in 2018 is crazy!lol they parallel. I wouldn’t try to think about it so much because the human brain has been conditioned to linear time. so it kinda hurts and it is baffling to think something so basic and reliable like time is not the way you learned it.

  2. ttottx at 4:24 pm

    Time balls. And when time intersects and you get deja vu, it’s because the spirits are playing toss with the time balls and catching, or dropping them or whatever 😛

  3. blowuptulip at 4:53 pm

    Fascinating episode in that the visuals really help! (Also beautiful orb at 18 mins!)
    Thank you all!!!

  4. Nicole Jenkins at 5:34 pm

    I really wish I could get my head around the illusion of time. I understand what Maitland is talking about but it sends my mind in to a tizz.

    • Jamie Butler at 7:20 pm

      Maitland: Hi Nicole! I like your tizz, it actually is you being aware of your brain growing and learning! What an amazing moment! Keep at it, one day it will click and then you won’t need to search for the deeper truth anymore because you are connected to it!

    • Jamie Butler at 10:50 am

      Maitland: I like your word tizz. The human brain has a hard time grasping what it has not learned yet. Be kind to yourself while you are growing in it. And you don’t need to ‘understand’ it to be able to experience it!!

  5. bobbym76 at 10:31 pm

    Absolutely wonderful and fascinating episode… Maitland gave me many things to ponder.

  6. Amora at 1:32 am

    I would love a part 2 live on Facebook during a time I can make it! ♡♡♡♡ I am so grateful for all of the wisdom you all contribute! Thank you for making this life a little fuller and easier to navigate. Love your all, Jamie, M-A-I-T-L-A-N-D, Gracie, Erik, Sai (wherever you are, Colleen,
    Luv, Amora

    • Jamie Butler at 7:08 pm

      M A I T L A N D: (she spelled her name for me to type it) A M O R A I will come to talk to you one on one but i really want to do another facebook gathering…. I LOVE THEM and the LUMINAIRES!

      • Amora at 11:03 pm

        I’m ready !! Can you help me to hear, see you or come in a dream clearly so I know it’s you and can’t write it off as my imagination? Thank you!! Love, AMORA

  7. karklina.elza at 10:23 am

    I love how Maitland speaks of these serious topics but allows it to be fun and not strict. It feel less daunting to look at my own belief systems and change a thing or two. 🙂

    • Jamie Butler at 7:05 pm

      How beautifully put. I am so connected to what you say here. I enjoy how Maitland presents information to me as well. She was doing just that all Holiday season long. I have a head full but I feel I can do all of it!

    • Jamie Butler at 10:52 am

      Maitland: This is one of the nicest things to say. Thank you. I love to talk and share how life and energy work. I will keep doing it!

  8. kmhass65 at 3:48 pm

    Maitland did an awesome job of explaining this in a way that made understanding it so clear. The question I have is, if we continue to feed that “no” what happens?

    • Jamie Butler at 7:01 pm

      Maitland: If you continue to feed the no you can find yourself looping your energy in on itself instead of building the energy to succeed in the goals you are setting for yourself.

      • nissawissa at 2:25 am

        Thanks Maitland and Jamie. And kmhass65 — what a fabulous question. This is exactly what I needed to know, so I can finally move on to all the greatness that I know lies ahead. xoxo

  9. heymarcia at 7:42 pm

    I so loved this session; thank you Maitland. My question arises out of the multitudes of humans that are in this experience. For instance, Jessie has 41 lives in his “energy ball” and I have ?# of lives in my energy ball, and on and one. Do these energy balls co-exist side by side. Or are they all existing in one big giant energy ball together? What a visual that is for me. And where does God exist in this scenario and does God have many “lives” co-existing simultaneously? ?? ?

    • Jamie Butler at 10:55 am

      Maitland: I LOVE THIS! yes every one has an energy life ball. They do merge over others and God (pure energy source) is the thread that keeps it all together. Everytime you incarnate you are bringing God energy with you. So God is in every incarnation.:)

  10. jltgpk at 8:22 pm

    Great Episode. I do have one question around our beliefs creating our experience. A baby/ small child does not comprehend that they get old and grow yet they do. To put it another way, someone with a mental delay might mentally get to the age of a 7 year old yet their bodies keep growing into adulthood? Thanks for the shows. I ? them. ?

    • Jamie Butler at 10:58 am

      Yep you got it. Isn’t it nice to understand and connect to it?:) Thank you for loving the shows. I want to do them all the time.

  11. hileldridge at 8:45 am

    I enjoyed this so much! One question…why do we not see people walking around who have been able to suspend their belief in time, and live to be four hundred? Certainly, we are not the first humans to access the knowledge that this is possible. I have observed some differences in the attitude of my grandmother, who is 100. Is it that people want to leave, that they do not really enjoy being here so long?

    • Jamie Butler at 11:00 am

      There are not others who are living that long to 400 because the belief around living to 80 with the use of medicine to keep you alive is still the main focal point. Do give the humans some time and they will start to see that age is not a thing to manage because time is not linear! IT is not that people don’t want to be here long but they believe the body has a deadline to it. Like it will expire like milk.

  12. aula.shawki at 3:40 am

    Hi, I wonder if it has to be 41 incarnations for each higher self or it could be more or less? what makes 41 a special number?

    thanks a lot 🙂

  13. deeronpath at 8:49 pm

    So this was awesome! I have validation for how I’ve felt most of my now life. I love how clear and concise you are Maitland! Thank you Jamie!

  14. Nicole Jenkins at 7:49 am

    Hi again I was watching the video again (maybe for the 5th time) and noticed at 18:02 something flying towards the camera. Can you please tell who or what it is?

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