Maitland Talks Reincarnation and Soul Individuations

Jamie and the team left it up to the Guides for this one! Maitland pops in unscheduled ahead of Grace and delves into the concepts surrounding reincarnation, holons, and soul individuations. Maitland explains the faceted nature of the spirit—during, after, and outside of life. LSN producer, Jesse discovers that his spirit typically prefers to reincarnate as something other than human, maybe a bear.
Tune in next week as Grace goes further in depth on reincarnation and spiritual individuation, as well as bilocation, “Walk Ins,” and intrusions.


7 comments to Maitland Talks Reincarnation and Soul Individuations

  1. jennifer.shin at 10:11 pm

    Are they really going to do a part three?? I’m curious, if not knowing and not remembering is the sweet spot, why do so many of us come in with more knowledge and yearning? And…this is a burning question I’ve had of late…Should we live with an endgame (of enlightenment) or should we just live our lives leading with heart?

    • Jamie Butler at 12:46 pm

      Jennifer that is such a great question. In my opinion and experience, I say live with the heart with no endgame in mind. For me fulfillment comes when I am heart centered, and as soon as I try to pull in or create an endgame my head is the leader. I often loose myself by doing that.

  2. patriomuerte at 5:01 pm

    I have a question!! It may be too late but nevermind haha!

    If time is always now and every lives is happening now,,,

    How can this be that the universe is always changing if everything is now?

    I’ve heard that from bashar he said the same thing about time,,,

    But he said, the first universal law is that universe is constantly changing,,
    And the second law is that the first never change lol

    Is the past can change? We may remove word war 2 from our history book! That would be so sweet! 😛

  3. kcoppler at 8:46 pm

    I do have a question about the statement that there is no time on the other side. Why is it that souls tells us they are not ready to communicate with us but need time to heal after they transition if there is no time there? Is it because we view life according to a linear timeline?

    • Jamie Butler at 3:50 pm

      I believe spirit speaks to us about time in the way we understand it. I feel that when spirits transition and they are needing healing they do go a space that provides it. Within that space, they are often not accessible, as if all parts of their energy/soul/being is being united and healed. I don’t believe time is linear for them:) I hope that helps:)

  4. STEPHANIEMELTON3 at 4:53 pm

    When I watch this an other Graceful Insights I can see what looks like water being reflected on the backdrop of the stage.

    You like to know what energy we see in the playback!

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