Navigating Negative Spirits

Got a ghost in your home? Something sapping your energy? Feel like the vibrations around you are just not right? Jamie shares how ghosts, multidimensional beings, and other entities can alter your energy field and vibration. Learn how to manage these spiritual interlopers and keep your vibrations high to protect yourself from unwanted boundary crossings!

This episode can be considered as a part 2 to Jamies show last week, “The Perks of Staying Positive.”


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  1. burmy64 at 11:00 am

    I know how Colleen feels i’m very emphatic myself. I used to self medicate to deal with it but spirit is pointing me more towards meditation and learning to deal rather than self medicating AKA drinking 🙂


  2. gretamtb at 3:05 pm

    Great episode. Hit home with it. I kinda think the “filter mouth skin walker thing is still hanging out”. Maybe Erik can lure him away with a trail of sage laced krill and give him the boot for real.

    -Andrew Hutchison

    • Jamie Butler at 8:23 am

      🙂 a trail of sage laced krill….i love it. I have asked for help now that I reinforced my boundaries. I have not seen nor felt the entity around. I think he has moved to other places where he can feed.

  3. ttottx at 7:46 pm

    Before watching, I’ve been told of a former slave living on my property. He has been freed and his chains ditched. I have given him permission to stay as long as he wants and asked for protection for him here as he is not ready to cross over, unless he has by now. We asked his name, neither of us could get the African name and I heard ‘Sam’ so that’s what I call him.

    • ttottx at 10:02 pm

      Well then, seems I accidentally crossed Sam over by asking for protection for him 😛 An angel came to protect and Sam realized he could go home. Oops 🙂 Now we’re searching for his wife.

      • ttottx at 1:08 am

        Yes, Jamie, those are the type I’ll see in my dreams, brown, no real identifiers except a body. In my older age I have found that lower vibrational entities are weak anyway if you are connected to higher self and source. They can’t do anything to you. Unless you let them.

        COLLEEN!!! How can you not want your kitties to sleep with you? I want them on me, around me and in my face!!! 😛 I can only get 6 to 8 of the 18 on the bed at once 😛

        • Jamie Butler at 8:16 am

          I am so with you on all accounts. Thank you for sharing that you have seen something like that before. It was my first and it was odd. I love your words “They can’t do anything to you. Unless you let them.” SO TRUE!!
          I will double ask Colleen why there is no kitty love in her bed. My guess is her ‘oh so fluffy’ kitty likes to sleep on her head and that is about a pound of loose fur in her mouth each night LOL
          I sleep with two on the bed. One on my tummy and the under curled up on my side. 🙂

          • Amora at 11:09 pm

            Awe♡ harpo Buddha sleeps to the left of my head and celie Marie alternates between my belly and right side ♡ they’ve switched sides since they were babies

      • Jamie Butler at 8:21 am

        ok I am laughing….you accidentally crossed him over….. 🙂 well, i don’t think this is an accident and what freedom Sam must have felt:) I am very touched you have decided to look for his wife and help him. This is the kind of love we can be showing for all walks of life!! dead or alive….

        • ttottx at 3:00 am

          Well, I wasn’t trying to cross him over but I did want protection for him as long as he stayed which I didn’t care how long. So I asked for protection for him and the land… little did I know… which is little 😛

          Last night I had my largest cat, Ying, at least 20 lbs, sleeping on my side. I barely felt him. I had Sam cat in my face as usual, he likes to rub noses and will snooze with his nose tip on my nose tip 😛 Then the other assorted cats around on the bed. 🙂 Sheba has now decided to curl up next to my chest under the covers. I like that as well 🙂 I want allllll the cats on the bed! 😛

  4. ngarfinkel at 11:45 am

    Colleen you did hear someone talk about being marked physically. It was at the monthly channeling Jamie did on grief before the holidays

    • Jamie Butler at 8:19 am

      I have been marked by spirits at night. Scratched. Happened several times before I knew how to get in control. It was when I was in college. Have you had this happen to you too?

      • theamazingunderdog at 9:10 am

        I have… I didn’t have the knowledge or tools of energy at the time, and I eventually had to leave the home and move! Since the marks were on my back near my bra strap, I rationalized they were scratches from the bra hooks… but when do those ever make your back burn? Yeah. These are really good talks and so needed.

  5. s_m_allen at 10:58 am

    Hi Jamie doesnt your guides step in and help aren’t we protected by loved ones and guides ?

    • Jamie Butler at 8:13 am

      Hi ya Luminaire, Guides can help but not interfere. I do have guides who help me clean and set my tone and filters but I am ultimately still the lead or in control. Guides can not come in a trump me, they can only support what I am doing. All my of experiences lead me down the path of growth. I do have a team of supports but ultimately, they are not to interfere with my life. I hope that answer helps you out.

  6. Amora at 11:13 pm

    Watching this episode right now, thank you !
    Show idea…. tips for negative, strange or mentally disturbed neighbors? One above me and one below!

    • ttottx at 4:48 am

      Gift them a salt tray with crystals? The salt will help absorb the negative energy. I saw this somewhere, you take one to work with you and put it by your station to keep the negativity down. Like a mini Japanese rock garden but using salt 🙂

    • Jamie Butler at 5:51 pm

      Oh no, not happy to hear this for you but i agree it is an interesting topic! Got an email yesterday on a similar topic. I know Grace or Sai will be addressing it soon:)

  7. emalinedawn at 6:01 pm

    This was so needed. I’ve experienced Issues since moving into my home 2 years ago. My dog sees her and my daughter has as well. I saw her in a dream several times, she just stares at me over my bed. Doesn’t speak though. She stays in my bedroom and when we go downstairs stays on my stair landing where my dog won’t go and sits and stares. You can really feel her and she’s around a lot. Lots of bangs at night. Likes to knock shampoo and shaving cream cans from my bedroom bathroom shelf and tub ledge into my bathtub. Knocks loudly on my antique furniture too. I think it could be the elderly woman who lived in the house before her son made her go to a rest home where she passed. My house was vacant after 5 years. While not violent, I have felt like she’s literally sucking the life from me. Sick all the time now and so is my daughter. It’s hard to leave my room and tired all the time. I mean physically exhausted, dizzy like my inner ear is messed up. Got so bad I had every medical test they could think of. I’m going to take all your advice. I did do a crystal grid after one of your videos a long time ago. I have to do something. It’s affecting our quality of life. I get most of it, but scaring my daughter made me even more determined. No child should have to feel unsafe in their home.

    • Jamie Butler at 6:25 pm

      Wow, I am regretting I have not been on the thread for a little while. This is quite the spirit engagement. You are on to something. The house and spirit living in it is using your life force to get stronger. It is best to keep your energy boundaries very tight and strong. Create an affirmation or intent you say each day. Start to claim your energy back. If this is too much for you, then ask for help. Get a person of the cloth to come in and bless the house. Get a medium to come to talk the woman to cross her over. No one is doing any favors by holding on. I hope you find some peace soon!!-Jamie

  8. jazudy at 8:54 pm

    Hi there Jamie,
    I loved this discussion just now !
    Well I have a question and
    my question is .. can we pray or speak from a sovereign point of view, protection on someone else’s behalf ? My loved one is Mentally Ill and is bombarded with “voices” often. She feels that all that all of this whole topic “is the devil” and evil because the Bible says so .. etc by she’s abusive towards me at times .. she’s different people pretty much. She’s a good (her name) and a bad ( her name). Can I chase away a bunch of that ?

    • Jamie Butler at 11:15 am

      You can help. By keeping the energy high vibrational and removing any lower energies, you will be the ‘keeper of the space’ and this will help your loved one have less to react to. The bottom line is working with the belief system. If there is belief in the devil then find the ways your loved one will believe in to rid the devil of the space. Baby steps would be best. I hope this helps you. Sending you big love and light.

  9. talwar.nehaa at 2:02 am

    This was a little scary. Though i know fear is what they feed on. But Thank you for sharing this.

    • Jamie Butler at 11:07 am

      It is a little scary but so necc. to talk about. The moment we aren’t talking about something it is the moment we need to be talking about it. 🙂

  10. KNOWTHETRUEYOU at 6:04 pm

    I have chills!!!

    Hi Jamie,

    I am a newbie, I prayed for the spirit to send me awakening/psychic mentors, knowledge etc. Since a small child I always thought I had psychic abilities but I’m unclear as to what they are… I’ve seen things in my dreams before they happen, the deceased have come to speak with me and warn me about situations etc. One day about a month ago I saw Dr. Karin on Home & Family. I believe the universe purposely made sure that I was preoccupied with doing other things and didn’t watch her complete interview nor could I recall anything she said the few minutes I listened. It didn’t matter I was drawn to her subject matter so I sort her out and found this wonderful network. And now my journey begins…

    Jamie how do I contact you I have several things going on and it’s very confusing. It’s so much typing it will not actually convey the message. Long story short I’ve been in the repetitive cycle of not progressing since 2013 and I often feel as if something like you described has attached itself to me. Due to lack of knowledge and allowed myself to sink into worry, stress, anxiety to the point that it has attacked my body. My left side (feminine) is so weak. At the same time I hear this radiating audible voice say “don’t worry”, “you will” or answer a question when I’m doubting etc. On Novemberm10, 2017 I was laying in the bed in stillness and I clearly heard a voice say “All that is will be”. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind but at the same time I know I’m not… If that makes sense??? It’s I have two different forces, energies and/or entities fighting against one another. It is so much more and I really need help sorting this out if you can assist me somehow, it would be so greatly appreciated.

    My name is Lalita however my account says Eniyah which is my daughter’s name she purchased the membership for me.

    Thank you!!

    P.S. While I’m typing this I feel a presence on the back of my neck, head. I’ve had this happen before it’s almost as if it’s attempting to scare out of communicating this to you. Then I feel what I believe to be another entity or energy on my right side, I feel cool air and pressure or sensation in my right ear and shoulder. Not sure what’s happening. Also my niece capture a picture of an entity back when all this began, it was dark with several beings in one. My father still has the photo I would really like to have someone look at it. Thanks again…

    • Jamie Butler at 9:20 am

      Hello, thank you so much for reaching out. My apologies for the delay in responding. I am normally in the comment thread on a weekly basis. You can connect with me Through my website And use the contact form.But I would like to address some of the things mentioned in your note above. First alright commend you on your clarity of acknowledging your situation and the subtle energy differences between the forces of that are working around you. When I scan your energy I do see there is an entity who is feeding off of your positive strength. The first question would be to ask how does this serve you. What have you learned. Are you ready to move on. If you are ready to move onI would begin studying energy. The basics such as Reiki, Meditation And theEnergy systems such as the chakras. I feel that once you have the knowledge of how your energy works, You have been better understand the actions You will need to take. I would then begin to remove the feeds off your energy.I would do that throughGrading crystals, Grooming my own energy and Clearing the energy in my Space Including home and office. We have many resources and our community. When you reach out to me on my website please let me know what you are interested in learning or what you feel you need. So that I can do some referrals and help you out. I look forward to hearing about your successful and happy Transition. -Jamie

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